5 Best Chicken Recipes In Ghana

Losing appetite for chicken meals? We’ve you covered with these chicken recipes to spice up your food menu. Chicken recipes come in styles and reflections of one’s culture but we want to take you to West Africa, and Ghana in this blog post.

Delicious Chicken recipes you can find in Ghana

These 5 easy Ghanaian chicken recipes make the top list in terms of popularity and most enjoyed chicken meals in Ghana. If you are starting a food vending business you can jump on these due to their high demand. These chicken meals can be served on occasions like birthday parties, friends’ hangouts, and even family gatherings.

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List of Ghanaian Chicken Recipes

  • Ghanaian grilled chicken recipe
  • Chicken Chichinga (Ghanaian Chicken Recipes)
  • Khebab spice grilled chicken
  • Ghanaian Chicken and Peanut Stew
  • Jollof rice with chicken

What is Ghana Jollof?

Jollof rice with chicken. This is the most loved rice meal in Ghana, prepared with rich tasty tomato sauce. Jollof rice tastes great when prepared with chicken breast; enjoying a complete meal with boneless meat. Jollof rice can also be prepared with vegetables.

Chicken Recipes

Is Ghanaian Jollof better than Nigerian Jollof?

Ghanaians prefer rich sauce and orange-colored rice whereas the Nigerians don’t have it rich in color and sauce. The colors are attractive and the tomato sauce aroma makes the food tasty, definitely, a lot of people will vote for Ghanaian Jollof to be better than Nigerian Jollof.

These are the five top-ranking chicken recipes in Ghana. The grilled chicken, Chicken Chichinga, Khebab spice grilled chicken, Ghanaian Chicken, and Peanut Stew, and
Jollof rice with chicken. So, yeah, if you want to spice up your food menu, you can try out these chicken meals.


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