5 Types of Poultry Feeders (Guide)

Overview of poultry feeders, their applications, and the types of feeders available. Poultry feeders are an essential component of poultry keeping, providing a controlled environment for your chickens to eat and drink. There are many different types of poultry feeders available, each suited to a different purpose. You can use automatic feeders to provide your chickens with a constant supply of food, or you can choose a manual feeder for a little more flexibility.

What are the best commercial poultry feeders?

Feeders are pieces of equipment that are used to feed birds by placing feed in them.
They can be traditional, semi-automatic, and come in a variety of styles and shapes, as well as be constructed of metal or plastic. This category of feeders includes commercial poultry feeders and simple homemade for backyard chicken farming. There are several feeding types of equipment;

  • List of poultry feeders
    • Automatic chicken feeders
    • Rectanguler wooden feeders
    • Metalic feeders
    • Tray feeders
    • Round / Circular feeders

1) Automatic chicken feeders

Automatic chicken feeders are widely used on modern poultry farms mostly on a large commercial scale. It is best to use this type of feeder when you have a large flock. Automatic feeders are programmed such that feed is deposited to the birds without human effort. However, this type of feeder can be prone to technical challenges when there is a power cut, maintenance needs to be done regularly to put the equipment in good shape.

Also, this type of feeder may not be the best for small-scale poultry farmers due to the cost and maintenance but on the other hand, best for commercial poultry production.

Poultry Feeders

2) Rectangular wooden feeders

This type of feeder may fall under the category of “chicken feeders DIY”. The little knowledge from carpentry work can be applied to make this type of poultry feeder. One advantage of this feeder is it large window size it provides to accommodate many birds at a time. Rectangular wooden feeders are so common and can easily be mage for backyard chicken farming.

poultry feeders

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3) Metalic feeders

Metalic feeders are very popular in poultry production and the reasons are;

  1. They are very cheap as compared to the other feeders.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. Gives a wider window size, so, your birds can feed well.
  4. This feeder last very long.

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poultry feeders

4) Tray feeders

Tray feeders continue to stand out as one of the best feeders for day-old chicks. It allows the birds to freely roam around as they learn to pick up feed as starters. Very economical and best for brooding purposes.

  • They are easy to handle, clean, and store because of their unique design.
  • This product offers a hygienic feeding solution to help prevent infections in the early stages.
  • The included ground feeder is particularly appealing in appearance and contains features that keep feed fresh and dry for longer.
  • The anti-slip pattern on the trays’ bottoms can keep the birds from toppling over while they’re eating.

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poultry feeder

5) Round / Circular poultry feeders

The last type of poultry feeders we have on the list is the round or circular feeders which come with restrainers. If your birds waste a lot of feeds we will recommend you get this type of feeder which you can also purchase from our online shop.

poultry feeders

Keeping your chickens well-fed and healthy isn’t always easy. They’re fussy animals, and if their feed isn’t just right they’ll pick at their food or refuse to eat at all. The best way to avoid this problem is to make sure they have access to a poultry feeder. These handy devices allow you to provide a constant supply of the right food, in the right amounts, without having to worry about the chickens going hungry.

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