8 Facts About Point of Lay Chickens And where to buy

point of lay chickens
point of lay chickens

What does point of lay mean?

Point of lay meaning

The term point of lay chickens is popularly used in poultry to describe pullets not far from laying eggs. We can say the birds have like a week or two to start producing eggs.

Point of lay chickens age

The age is between 18-22 weeks old for most of the common layer breeds we have. Determining when a bird should start laying must not always depend on age. You can also perform a physical examination to tell if your bird is close to laying.

How can you tell if a chicken is point-of-lay?

  1. Put your hand at the back of the bird
  2. You should feel sharp bones around the vent
  3. If the bones can move apart then the birds is not far from laying

Advantages of buying point of lay chickens

  • It saves you time and sleepless night of brooding day old chicks.
  • You don’t bear the cost of dead day old chicks, which is a normal occurance.
  • Vaccination cost also reduces when you buy pooint of lay chickens.
  • You don’t need to build a separate structure for day old chicks.

When is the best time to buy point of lay chickens

The best time to buy point of lay birds is when your old flocks are producing below the expected range and you need to replace the stock for a new production. No two ways about this, sell your old birds when they are almost 2 years old.

point of lay chickens


How to buy point of lay chickens

  • Request for medication history of the birds from the farm.
  • You have to make sure the birds are free from diseases or infections.
  • Check the history of the farm, don’t just from anywhere buy from trusted sources.

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