Achimota Forest Reserve Ghana For Sale Sad! 2022

Achimota Forest Reserve

Achimota forest reserve in Ghana was created in 1935. It is one of Africa’s largest forest reserves, covering over 3,000 hectares (7,500 acres). The reserve lies near Achimota School in Ghana’s capital city of Accra.

The British colonial authority developed the Achimota Forest Reserve as a wildlife reserve and game park. The term “Achimota” signifies “a gathering of numerous people.” This name is thought to have been given because of the enormous number of people who used to congregate at the location for commerce, church, and other social activities.

Achimota forest zoo

Many kinds of birds, reptiles, and mammals, including monkeys and chimps, find the reserve home. Palm palms, ferns, and orchids are among the vegetation found there. The forest may be visited on foot.

The state of Achimota forest

The Achimota Forest was established to safeguard uncommon giant tree species such as mahogany and other indigenous plants. It has, however, been turned into a recreational park for University of Ghana students and local residents who utilize it for leisure and entertainment.

Achimota forest sold?

On Tuesday the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Jinapor, said, the executive instrument referred to 361 acres of the Achimota forest’s periphery that the government is restoring to its custodial owners, the Owoo Family.

According to the minister, this piece of land has been a source of contention since it was purchased by Achimota School as part of its development plan but was later acquired back by the government to safeguard it from encroachment by private developers and other interests in the area.

Mr. Jinapor said during the press conference that the E.I. declassifying sections of the forest were followed by another E.I., 154, “which specifies unequivocally that the territory of the forest should remain a Forest Reserve.”


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