5 Organic Methods For Adjusting Soil PH Levels Without Chemicals - May 2023

5 Organic methods for adjusting soil pH levels without chemicals

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated March 22, 2023

Adjusting soil pH levels can be done without using chemical compounds. These organic methods for adjusting soil pH levels without chemicals are proven to be very effective and cheap as well.

Methods for adjusting soil pH levels

These methods for adjusting soil pH levels can be done at the backyard with collection of few martials in your locality. However, to adjust soil pH levels, you need to first check the soil pH level with a soil pH tester.

If you are not sure how well your soil pH tester is calibrated, you can read here how to calibrate your soil pH tester before thinking of adjusting your soil pH level just to stay right.

Organic methods for adjusting soil pH levels without chemicals

1. Coffee grounds

Coffee ground is naturally acidic. Adding coffee grounds to an alkaline soil will lower the soil pH levels. Where lowering a soil pH level is to keep it in the range of 0-7.

2. Sulfur or Iron Sulphate

Adding sulfur or iron sulphate to the soil will lower pH levels. What are the natural sources to obtain sulfur or iron sulphate? These materials can be found in minerals, red soil, food like plantain, and some water bodies containing iron sulphate.

3. Compost

When making compost, most of the times the idea behind it is to enrich the soil quality in terms of soil nutrients, text, water holding ability and soil porosity. Composting help to balance soil pH level for health growth of crops.

4. Wood ash or Lime

If you have a soil that is too acidic, using lime powder from grinding lime stones can help increase the soil pH level. Thus making it less acidic. In the absence of lime you can gather wood ash from burning woods but hey don’t go burning woods indiscriminately. Thank you. Moving on to the last point.

5. Peat moss

So, here we go in collecting grasses and animals waste from the poultry house, the barn, kraal or the anywhere you can find animals being kept. Mix their remain with the soil lower the soil pH level. Peat moss is naturally acidic.

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