Best Agricultural Land For Sale In The United States 6 Real Estate Agents - June 2023

Best Agricultural Land For Sale In the United States 6 Real Estate Agents

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated August 8, 2022

Agricultural land for sale is the ultimate choice you can make to start your next generational enterprise in agribusiness. Farmlands are scarce. Recreational grounds, malls, estate developers, schools, and stadiums are some of the most patronized places which have taken up most of the land spaces instead of growing crops and raising animals.

Agriculture lands are mostly sited on the outskirts of the cities and towns. Far from reaching and most of the time such as places do not have access to electricity, water and telecommunication networks. Owning such a place becomes difficult setting up and starting production. However, you may come across a family putting on for sale for agricultural land and that is the sweet spot you need to go for.

Agricultural Land For Sale

Agricultural land for sale

Agriculture lands may have been worked on for years. These lands may have electricity, water, and sometimes good road networks from the previous owners. To cut down costs in constructing roads, connecting electricity, and solving water issues to me I believe it is best to buy agricultural land for sale. Before we buy agricultural land, we have no idea who the owner is and the questions of how to find an agricultural for sale.

How to find agricultural land for sale

There are a good number of land for sale services out there you can purchase legit lands from with all legal documents put in your name. You don’t need to worry about scammers as these companies are trustworthy when it comes to farmlands for sale. You can buy and also sell your agricultural lands using their service.

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LandSearch provides a wide range of farmlands for sale in the United States. These farmlands are huge acres of pasture land, grazing lands, lands for start-up, and any form of fam you would want to convert the land into. LandSearch holds about 24,234 land properties for sale in the United States with an estimated average cost of $1,118,511 and a price per acre of $8,837.

What is the best way to buy and an farm land? Or What is the best way to sell your farm land? Farm land for sale by owner! Mostly, you need to make the deal through a certified land for sale agent who can market and sell your land or when you want to buy farm land, an agent can help you get the best offer. Below is a profile listing of top real estate agents in the United States.

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United States real estate agents

Names of Real Estate AgentsLocation
Coldwell Banker Schmidt RealtorsTraverse City, MI
Reno Realty GroupKerrville, TX
Texas Real Estate SalesLampasas, TX
Realty ONE Group Mountain DesertSedona, AZ
Frank PimentalSylva, NC
Rochelle Moon RealtyLouisburg, NC
Agricultural Land For Sale

Lands of America

Farmland accounts for over 40% of all land in the United States, with the agricultural industry earning an estimated net revenue of nearly $100 billion each year. The majority of the country’s agriculture is dedicated to cattle grazing, next by arable for the development of crops such as maize, wheat, soybeans, and rice. Farms for sale in the United States range from big cattle farms in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas to fruit and vegetable farms in California and Florida, as well as dairy farms in Wisconsin, Vermont, and Pennsylvania.

Number of poultry farms in the US: 233,770 poultry farms exist in the United States

Where is the cheapest farm land in USA?

South-Central Florida$10,000/acre
Northern Missouri$1,400/acre
Southwest Iowa$4,000/acre
Central Wisconsin$5,000/acre
West Central Texas$600/acre
Eastern Ohio$5,000/acre
Agricultural Land For Sale

Where is the best place to farm in the USA?

From research and analysis Kentucky, Oklahoma and North Dakota have been ranked as the best places with fertile land to start a farm in the United States.

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