Animal Science Department KNUST 2022: Best Animal Research Center

The Animal Science Department KNUST at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is a vibrant and exciting place to study. The department is well-equipped to provide first-class education and training to students in all areas of animal science, with the aim of ensuring relevance and sustainability in animal-related industries, from a global perspective.

Animal Science Department KNUST Programmes

The courses offered in the department are designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to excel in the animal-related industries of their choice. The courses cover a wide range of topics, from animal science in the field to animal testing and animal welfare.

  • List of research areas:
    • Animal nutrition
    • Animal breeding and genetics
    • Animal reproductive physiology
    • Poultry Research and production
    • Swine research and production
    • Ruminants’ research and production

Current Head of department

“The animal science department knust is headed by Prof. Christopher Antwi. Christopher Antwi earned a B.Sc. (Agriculture) KNUST in Kumasi in 2003, and a Ph.D. (Animal Science) from the same institution in 2010.”

“He was appointed as a Graduate Assistant throughout his Ph.D. studies, where he aided in the delivery of courses to the Faculty. He was hired as a lecturer in August 2010 and promoted to Senior Lecturer in August 2015. He has served as the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture (2018-2019) and the Head of the Department of Animal Science at KNUST (2017-2019). Currently, he heads the department as the youngest professor.”

Production units

Poultry unit

The animal science department knust runs a 3000 poultry production which supplies tables eggs to students, senior and junior staff, and outsiders who come in to buy eggs. The unit also rears broilers for chicken meat consumption. Sells to the general public as well as students and staff of KNUST. The department poultry unit is open to student volunteers who want to learn how to start a poultry farm business.

Swine Unit

The animal science department Knust runs one of the best swine production units in the Ashanti region. The unit produces pigs for pork, pork sausage, piglets for farmers who want to restock production, and those starting a swine production.

Cattle and Goat production.

Ruminants are vital in animal production. With innovations and modernization in feeding, the animal science department Knust is known for raising goats and cows with a high feed conversion ratio as a result of feed trials research done by the nutrition experts in the department.

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Dairy production

The dairy unit which is located inside Boadi is responsible for the production and supply of KNUST Yoghurt and Icy Cup milk located at almost every vantage point in all universities in Ghana. The dairy section is open to individuals interested in learning how to prepare and make business with yogurt production.

Olympio hatchery

Not to forget the ultra-modern hatchery named after Dr. Oscar Simon Olympio after a phase upliftment by Prof. Jacob Hamidu Alhassan. The olympio hatchery is equipped with 10,000 capacity automatic incubators and a hatcher for hatching and supply of day-old chicks.

Famous personalities like Mr. Darko of Darko farms are a product of this noble department, and Akate farms.

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