Avian Flu: Wild Birds The Source of Spread?

Avian Flu getting much attention as it keeps spreading. In the US poultry producers, Avian Flu is believed to have been spread by wild birds.

Avian Flu Spreads Across US

The vice president of research for the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, an industry group, Denise Heard stated that “Everyone is just sitting on edge because we know what can happen, and we don’t want a repeat of that,” in reference to the deadly outbreak which lead to the loss of about 50 million poultry birds in 2015.

Ban on poultry imports from US

China, Mexico and South Korea have ban the imports of poultry from the United States due to the outbreak of the deadly poultry disease.

Avian Flu

How is avian influenza caused?

How does avian influenza spread? After series of test on ducks and resulting positive for a strain of the virus H5N1, experts believe wild birds are the source to be blamed for the widespread of the poultry infection.

Can humans catch Avian Flu?

The disease can be transmitted to humans, but very low risk. Complications have not been recorded but its best not to consume birds from contaminated sources.


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