Avian Influenza Outbreak: Russian Poultry Industry On Red Flag 2021

Avian Influenza Outbreak: Russian Poultry Industry on Red Flag 2021

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated August 8, 2022

Avian Influenza matters arising. In Russia’s Urals federal area, a number of outbreaks of highly virulent avian influenza (AI) have been reported. The epidemics were mostly concentrated in the Tyumen region, according to Rosselhoznadzor, the Russian official veterinary agency.

Avian influenza outbreak in Russia has resulted in the loss of 12 million eggs and 57 tonnes of chicken meat. Overall. 4.3 million birds were also culled.


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What could have caused the outbreak?

Borovaskaya largely exported eggs to adjacent regions, with only about 15% of its annual yield being sold on the domestic market. The Pishtinskaya poultry farm, with a production capacity of 300 million eggs per year, largely meets area demand. In terms of broiler meat production, things are looking well, since the remaining farms produce 90,000 tonnes per year, more than double the overall demand in the Tyumen region.


Measures Taken

When it comes to the poultry industry’s biosecurity, To avoid future avian influenza outbreaks, Russian officials have urged all poultry farms to improve biosecurity. The Borovaskaya farm has been punished by Rosselhoznadzor multiple times in the last few years for several infractions of veterinary safety laws, totaling over US$ 3 million.


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