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Top 5 Best Agriculture Consulting Companies in Ghana

Agriculture consulting firms are businesses that offer advice and services on a variety of agricultural topics. Many economies, particularly those in developing nations, rely heavily on agriculture. As a result, agribusiness advice is in great demand.

Agriculture firms may assist customers with everything from product development to yield improvement to pest and disease management. Agriculture consultants offer both practical management assistance and financial guidance on how to profit from the sector.

Agriculture consulting

Top agribusiness consultants

  • Agri Impact
  • Poultry Consultancy Services Ltd
  • Stepmaam Classic Consult
  • IESO Agribusiness consult
  • QET Organic Farms and Consult

Agribusiness consulting services

Farm Management Services

Agro-economists provide these services, assisting farmers in successfully managing their activities via the use of computerized technology. The primary goal of this service is to assist farmers in achieving maximum revenues while keeping expenses low.

Research and Development

This service assists in conducting research studies on new agricultural technology and techniques that may be utilized to boost productivity and enhance quality standards. Research may also be conducted into strategies to reduce production costs while also increasing output levels by improving resource efficiencies, such as water utilization and fertilizer application methods.

Agriculture firms offer a variety of services, including:

• Business planning and management

• Business development

• Marketing and sales

• Financial planning and analysis

• Tax planning and compliance

• Management advice

• Marketing strategies

• Technical assistance for equipment purchases or implementation of new technology changes

• Pest control information

Agricultural consulting company profile

1. Agri Impact

Agri Impact Ghana is a group of agricultural, agribusiness, and consultancy experts with extensive expertise. We assist farmers in expanding their companies, increasing their earnings, and ensuring food security.

They collaborate with farmers to establish lucrative and sustainable agricultural methods, assisting them in producing higher-yielding crops. They also offer strategic planning and business management services to farmers to help them explore new market possibilities and develop new products.

2. Poultry Consultancy Services Ltd

Poultry Consultancy Services Ltd is a poultry consultancy company with a business presence in Kumasi, Ghana. The firm offers agribusiness and environmental management consulting services, including poultry production, feed manufacture, and marketing.

  • Contact – 020 815 0281
  • Location – Kumasi, Ghana

3. Stepmaam Classic Consult

  • Contact – 054 492 9684
  • Location – Haatso, Accra

4. IESO Agribusiness consult

  • Contact – 020 850 8800
  • Location – Accra

5. QET Organic Farms and Consult

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