21 Top Best Chinese Buffets

Best Chinese Buffets Near Me

Best Chinese Buffets Near Me

Best Chinese Buffets Near Me. If you enjoy Chinese buffets, this list of the top Chinese buffets in Texas is for you. They offer everything from classic Americanized Chinese buffets to true Asian buffets!

Lin’s Asian Buffet

Lin’s Asian Buffet is a local favorite that serves a wide variety of Asian cuisine. Classic Americanized favorites like General Tso’s chicken are served alongside real Chinese dishes like egg rolls and fried rice at this buffet-style restaurant. Lin’s chefs also produce fresh sushi every day and have a broad selection of sweets. Contact: +1 972-418-8881.

Asian King Buffet

This is an awesome place for families to come if they want to have fun without spending too much money. The cuisine is inexpensive, yet it is still tasty and fresh. The restaurant includes a wide dining space that can hold hundreds of people, making it ideal for large gatherings. Contact: +1 817-590-8886

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Great Wall Super Buffet

Great Wall Super Buffet has over 70 items to pick from, making it a great spot to eat Chinese food. Sesame chicken, sweet and sour pork, Mongolian beef, fried rice, and more may be found on the buffet.

Egg rolls, potstickers, crab puffs, and spring rolls are among the Chinese delicacies served at the Great Wall Super Buffet. Steamed dumplings with garlic sauce, such as beef or pork, are also available. Chicken wings, fried fish nuggets, shrimp tempura, and other items are available in the buffet.

Ye Star Chinese Buffet

Seafood, poultry, steak, pig, and veggies are all available at the Ye Star Chinese Buffet. They also provide a variety of sides, including rice, noodles, and salad. You’ll be able to locate something that appeals to your palate.

China Sea Hibachi Buffet

The China Sea Hibachi Buffet is a one-of-a-kind Chinese buffet because it includes a hibachi grill in the centerpiece. The cuisine is wonderful and fresh, and there are many selections to pick from. They also serve a wide variety of sushi and other Japanese meals. Contact: +1 832-688-8904

Uno1 Super Buffet

The Uno1 Super Buffet offers a diverse menu of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and American cuisines. They also provide a salad bar with fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other nutritious selections including broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. Contact: +1 972-255-3788

Asian Buffet

In the United States, Asian Buffet is a Chinese buffet restaurant. It serves a wide range of Chinese and American dishes, including fried chicken, pizza, and burgers. Asian Buffet also serves a variety of beverages, including soda, tea, and milkshakes. Contact +1 817-788-9999.

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Best Chinese BuffetsStars Rating (1-5)Contact
Asian Star Buffet4.1+1 214-321-6666
Happy Family Chinese Buffet4.3+1 281-443-7775
King Buffet4.4+1 214-904-0000
East Star4.1+1 281-280-8822
Cafe East 8 Chinese Buffet4.1+1 832-351-3990
Best Chinese Buffets Near Me
Best Chinese BuffetsStars Rating (1-5)Contact
China King Super Buffet II4.0+1 972-572-6188
King Buffet4.3+1 972-422-0000
King Buffet Chines Restaurant4.2+1 281-992-6338
Asian King Buffet4.2+1 817-423-8888
King Palace Super Chinese Buffet4.1+1 281-890-7844
Best Chinese Buffets Near Me
Best Chinese BuffetsStars Rating (1-5)Contact
East Buffet4.3+1 936-760-1007
Regal Buffet4.1+1 972-956-8684
China Flag4.1+1 817-847-5888


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