Top 6 Best Egg Laying Chicken Breeds For Production - May 2023

Top 6 Best Egg Laying Chicken Breeds For Production

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated March 4, 2023

If you’re looking for the best egg laying chickens for commercial egg production, go no further than the top six birds on this list.

Consider a breed with a high egg laying ability, temperament, and how long it takes for birds to start dropping eggs when selecting layers for egg production.

Best egg laying chickens for beginners

  • List of the best egg laying chickens
    • Golden comet
    • Rhode Island Red
    • Barred Plymouth Rock
    • White Leghorn
    • ISA Brown
    • Sussex

Top six egg laying chickens you need to consider when entering the commercial chicken egg production

1. Golden Comet

Golden Comets are a hybrid of Rhode Island Red and White Leghorn chicken. They have the best qualities of both breeds because of their hybrid vigor.

Golden Comets are noted for having a charming and gentle temperament. They’re ideal for first-time chicken owners because of this. Number of Eggs per year 300 eggs. When do golden comet chickens start laying eggs? Laying starts at 15 weeks of production.

2. Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red is a reddish-black domestic egg laying chicken that originated in America. Very friendly to go with and also best for beginners. Number of Eggs per year 250 eggs. Laying starts at 18 weeks of production.

3. Barred Plymouth Rock

This Plymouth Rock chicken has been one of the probably the most popular breeds in the United States.

They’re also one of the sweetest chicken breeds you’ll ever come across with a strong association with the farm owners. Easy to handle. Number of Eggs per year 250 eggs. Laying starts at 18 weeks of production.

egg laying chickens
Barred Plymouth Rock

4. White Leghorn

The white leghorns are egg laying chickens loved by many. The egg laying breed originated in Tuscany, Italy. They are great foragers, obtaining much of their food by scavenging over fields and barnyards. Number of Eggs: 280 eggs per year. Birds start dropping at 16 weeks.

egg laying chickens
White Leghorn

5. ISA Brown

ISA Brown is a hybrid bird designed for eggs by Institut de Sélection Animale, the company which developed the crossbreed in 1978 for egg production.

The ISA Brown has a pleasant, sweet, and docile personality. They are rather calm layers, so they are ideally suited to residing in the backyard. When do ISA brown chickens start laying? They produce about 280 -300 eggs per year. Birds start dropping by week 18.

egg laying chickens
ISA Brown

6. Sussex

Sussex is a dual-purpose chicken breed that is raised for both meat and eggs. The Sussex is a calm, confident, and friendly bird that is easy to handle. It lays about 250 eggs per year and they start to drop at 16 weeks.

egg laying chickens

When do chickens start laying eggs?

Egg laying chickens must be 7 months old before they start laying eggs. This is due to the fact that the hormones required for egg production take a few months to develop in their bodies. If you want your chickens to lay hens, follow these steps.

Chickens typically begin laying eggs between the ages of 7 and 8 months. Some breeds, however, can begin producing eggs as early as 5 or 6 months of age.

What are the signs that my chicken is laying?

Her combs, wattles, and face will turn from light pink to brighter red as her hormones change as she prepares to begin producing eggs. They will also enlarge and bulge.

When a chicken starts laying eggs, there are various signals to look for: Over the period of two weeks, the first symptom is a gain in weight and size. The second indication is an increase in comb size over a two-week period. Within 2-4 weeks, the look of the vent area (where the excrement comes out) changes from red to pink. Learn How To Become A Contract Poultry Grower

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