Top 10 Best Tasting Turkey Breeds

The best tasting turkey breed for you will depend on your preferences since each breed has desirable characteristics. One of the largest species that is regularly found on farms and homesteads is the turkey.

Although their egg-laying rates are generally average to low. Most of these turkey breeds are wonderful for raising as pets, some are good for increasing the aesthetics of your home, and some are suitable for producing meat for commercial purposes.

Even though the majority of turkey varieties provide excellent meat, the results vary depending on the breed. So what’s the best tasting turkey breed for meat? 

List of best tasting turkey breeds

  • Bourbon Red
  • Narragansett
  • Standard Bronze
  • Jersey Buff
  • Midget White
  • Royal Palm
  • Slate
  • Beltsville Small White
  • Black Spanish
  • Blue Slate

1. Bourbon Red

Best Tasting Turkey Breed
Bourbon Red

A domestic turkey breed known as the Bourbon Red is named after Bourbon County in Kentucky for its distinctive reddish plumage. People typically raise Bourbon Reds for their meat because they are a meat breed.

They are regarded as one of the greatest-tasting heritage turkey breeds and are well-known and loved for their wonderful, full-flavored flesh.

They have a great flavor, are active, and enjoy foraging. The majority of folks simply roast them without any seasonings; it’s quite simple and they taste fantastic!

2. Narragansett Turkey

Best Tasting Turkey Breed
Narragansett turkey

Narragansett turkeys are known for their calm demeanor, superior meat quality, capacity as good mothers, and superior foraging abilities. It is a type of Meleagris gallopavo descended from a hybrid between the domestic turkey and the eastern wild turkey.

The Narragansett turkey is capable of reproducing and raising young on its own (unlike commercial white turkeys). The eggs will be big and flecked in a light to medium brown color. They are juicy, firm, and tasty. After one bite, you won’t ever eat a farm-raised bird again.

3. Standard Bronze

Best Tasting Turkey Breed
Standard Bronze

Most of American history saw the Bronze turkey as the most popular bird, but by the middle of the 20th century, that popularity had started to decline. They originated from domestic turkeys raised by European colonists and wild turkeys from the eastern United States.

The Standard Bronze turkey has a sweet, delectable flavor and yields copious amounts of white and dark meat that stays moist and flavorful. The flavor of a traditional Christmas is truly present here.

4. Jersey Buff

Best Tasting Turkey Breed
Jersey Buff

A domestic turkey breed from the mid-Atlantic termed the Buff or Jersey Buff is named for its buff-colored feathers. Although the Jersey Buff turkey breed’s color was helpful for processing due to the virtually white pin feathers, other performance traits were not heavily selected for.

Despite their status as robust, highly prolific birds raised primarily for meat, one advantage of keeping them more as pets is that you can get turkey eggs. In general, Jersey Buffs yield quality eggs.

5. Midget White

Best Tasting Turkey Breed
Midget White

White Midgets are known for their docile and calm personalities. They are frequently maintained as pets and are recommended as starter birds. It is a type of domestic turkey known for its small size and white plumage. The majority of Midget Whites are meat birds, but you can also acquire eggs from them.

They can fly well and are fairly resilient. So, exercise caution since they could take off. The Midget White’s meat is excellent and has a clear, classic turkey flavor without tasting gamey. Because black meat is so dark, be ready for its rich color and flavor. Each bite is flavorful and satisfying.

6. Royal Palm

Best Tasting Turkey Breed
Royal Palm

A type of domestic turkey is called the Royal Palm. It is typically kept as an ornamental bird and is not primarily selected for the production of meat. When you consider the uniqueness of their appearance and the fact that they are British turkeys, the use of Royal Palm turkeys largely as ornamental birds is not too strange. Royal Palm turkeys are skilled flyers and often not aggressive. They can produce meat for family consumption, though.

7. Slate

Best Tasting Turkey Breed
Slate turkey

A domestic turkey breed called the Slate is named by the color of its feathers, which is slate grey. The Slate turkey is extremely rare; according to some experts, it is almost extinct. Despite being a rare turkey, it has attractive attributes. Excellent flavor and a better and healthier carcass are produced by the meat.

8. Beltsville Small White

Best Tasting Turkey Breed
Beltsville Small White

The turkey breed known as Beltsville Small Whites originated in America. They were created in the middle of the 1930s at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center of the USDA in Maryland. One of the best turkey breeds for meat is the Beltsville Small White, which is primarily a meat breed.

However, you can also obtain a decent number of eggs from them in addition to meat. However, in comparison to other heritage turkey breeds, they are not particularly sociable. They are useful for ornamental purposes in addition to producing meat and eggs.

9. Black Spanish

Best Tasting Turkey Breed
Black Spanish

The domestic turkey breed is known as the black Spanish turkey. It was domesticated from Mexican wild turkeys by the first Spanish explorers to visit the USA and brought back to Europe. Black Spanish turkeys are mostly used for meat.

Chefs and modern consumers praise their meat for its outstanding flavor. They might also give you some eggs. People want to grow and consume healthy turkeys. Turkeys of the Black Spanish kind are robust and active.

10. Blue Slate

Best Tasting Turkey Breed
Blue Slate turkey

Any shade of gray between pure white and black could be used for the Blue Slate. Only the ash-gray variety, meanwhile, is suitable for exhibition. There are suggestions that this breed was developed for its meat and is thought to be a mix between Black Norfolk’s and eastern wild turkeys. Blue Slate turkeys are renowned for their toughness, foraging prowess, and delicious meat (i.e. tasty, firm, and moist).

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