Biosecurity Techniques For Reducing Antibiotics Use

Biosecurity Techniques for Reducing Antibiotics Use

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated April 5, 2023

Antibiotics use and poultry disease management have been under the limelight in recent years, and there has been a demand to limit antibiotics in livestock agriculture, which has a direct influence on human health.

What are the alternate alternatives, and what changes can be made to solve this critical issue? How do we keep animals healthy while eliminating antibiotic usage?

Ana Gavrău in Feed webinar on Antibiotic Reduction, presenting on her topic Natural betaine- nutritional AID in strategies targeting antibiotics reduction, stated alternatives to antibiotics reduction.

  • Antibiotics Alternatives
  • Vaccination
  • Biosecurity
  • Monitoring and surveillance
  • Welfare
  • Nutritional strategies
  • Nutritional modulation
  • Good farming practices and management.
  • How to reduce antimicrobial use in animals?

Each stage of consumption is interdependent on the others, necessitating a cooperative effort to address the situation. New science, consumer demands, new products and approaches, producer acceptance, one health initiative, and EU experience.

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