4 Tips Broilers and Layers Which is Profitable

Broilers vs Layers in profit-making is one thing to think about before starting production.

Profits from broilers or layers are determined by a number of factors. When comparing a broiler production to a layer production, production inputs such as medication costs, feeding costs, and so on differ.

Broilers and Layers

Factors affecting profit-making in poultry production

1. Marketing

The market, in reality, dictates how much money you will make on your products. Keeping a broiler for longer than 8 weeks, for example, will not earn you any extra money.

The bad news is that you’ll have to go with the market’s current pricing at the conclusion of the day. As a result, we can see how important marketing is when comparing profit margins of broilers to layers. So, you need to consider marketing before you put your broilers for sale.

2. Production cost

Estimating production costs for broilers and layers differs due to the length of time between production and marketing.

It takes about six (6) months for layers to start laying eggs, and it takes a maximum of eight (8) weeks in the broiler for marketing to begin.

Profiting from broilers is a short-term strategy, whereas profiting from layers is a long-term one.

Broilers and Layers

3. Cost of medication

In comparison to layers, which may require technical hands if the farmer is untrained, the cost of purchasing and administering medication, which includes vaccination, in commercial broilers is cheap.

Vaccination procedures such as chickenpox, new castle vaccination, and, most notably, Marek, necessitate a higher production cost plan than broilers.

4. Broilers vs Layers Cost of Feeding

Broilers are fed ad libitum, but not to the point of endangering their health in the case of fatty liver syndrome, which causes death in birds when too much fat accumulates around the liver. Unlike broilers kept in open like pastured broilers.

Broilers, as opposed to layers, are known to consume more feed. This may have an impact on the cost of production, therefore feeding must be done strategically.

When Broilers vs Layers profit-making becomes a challenge for you to decide the production to choose, consider the above factors which have a great influence on profit-making in poultry production.

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