Top 5 Agriculture Business Promotion Techniques For Beginners - June 2023

Top 5 Agriculture Business Promotion Techniques for Beginners

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated August 8, 2022

Business Promotion

Business promotion in agriculture is vast and needs a collective effort that requires a lot of publicity to keep going. That’s why we wrote this article to help everyone out there hoping to reach audience with their new products.

Starting from scratch to market your company may be a demanding task, particularly if you are a start-up with little to no funding for advertising. Nothing in the world is free. The small price you spend today will go a long way in the future.

Here in this article, you will learn some of the ways to do the business promotion aspect of your agribusiness.

Business promotion ideas

Gathering the number for your brand leads to the product consumption. There are ways you can maximize your business promotion with little or no capital to spend. Promoting your business or a new product can be done either the traditonal ways or adopting to the online service.

The traditional methods of promoting a business or a products mostly have to the deal with the number of friends you have in your circle. Other may rely of family and your local community in general. Well, sometimes the traditional method helps but in no time you will see a decline in service or product consumption. That leads to the online services.

You may reach more prospective customers globally by using an online service for business promotion. People are searching for what they do not have in their locality. One thing I have observed about reaching customers online, is the ability to make extra money. Your product may sell $2.00 in your locality but it is likey to sell double or triple the price in a different state or country.

On that note, on reaching more potential customers online, we would like to offer advertisement space on this website for anyone interested in promoting the business or brand. Here is what you have to do to promote your business on this website. Remember this is an agriculture and food related niche website. Putting your brand or product has maximum of one year or a lifetime. You do this for a as long as you continue to run your business.

Brands and Product Promotion

  • Prepare and submit your article or products description to
  • You will be required to pay an amount of money ranging from USD $80.00 – USD $200
  • Articles should contain links linking to your business platforms.
  • Top bidders get the top space for world wide visitors to see and last for a month or two depending on how much you pay.
  • Articles containing products or brands last as long as you wish and these comes cheaper than bidding for top space.

Practical free marketing ideas for your business to grow

1. Referral programs

Referral program is one way you can also reach new audience. Influencers on your referral program will demand a fee to promote your products. You may reach new audience but may no convert into sales.

2. Free webinars

They are a lot of people willing to learn something new. By runing a webinar to attract audience to your webinar of zero charges. You can then market your product or brand to these audience interested in your webinar.

3. Socialize with industry players

Connecting with the right peoiple in same business category is one sure way you can reach out to new audience.

4. Social media marketing

You can promote your product on social media platforms like twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedin and so on.

5. Buy one-get-one free

This is another to attract more customers to drive sales. You are likely to go over budget in running this type of business promotion strategy.

All you need to know about our business promotion

We believe this is a great way to show people the benefits of agriculture, such as the food we produce, its value chain in Agriculture and the things we need to help develop sector players in the small-scale agriculture industry with more emphasis on poultry farmers. We can also make it easier for people to understand the concept of agriculture and its economic impact, and most importantly build a network.

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