Canada; Egg Prices In Canada Alarming [Updated 2023] - May 2023

Canada; Egg Prices in Canada Alarming [Updated 2023]

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Last Updated April 21, 2023

Egg Prices in Canada Alarming?

In February 2021, the average retail cost of 12 eggs in Canada was 3.62 Canadian dollars. Egg prices in Canada used not to change that much; however, this year has been a great challenge for most producers resulting in the price of eggs in Canada changing.

Average retail price for eggs in Canada from 2017 to 2021 (in Canadian dollars per dozen)

What is the egg industry, and how does it affect Canadians?

Egg Prices in Canada

How the Egg Industry Plays a Role in the Canadian Economy? The egg industry is a competitive, globalized industry. This industry has a significant impact on Canadians.

The egg industry is a competitive, globalized industry that significantly impacts Canadians. The egg market can be segmented into two segments: the retail market and the wholesale market. The retail market includes eggs sold in grocery stores and supermarkets, and the wholesale market includes eggs sold to bakeries, restaurants, and other food service establishments.

The egg industry is thriving in Canada because of its large population of chickens, which produce more than 2 billion eggs per year for consumption.

Are eggs expensive in Canada?

Eggs are becoming expensive in Canada due to the high in demand and expensive production cost, which is mostly affected by the chicken feed costs and transportation prices increment.

Canada – Eggs – price 2023

Egg prices in Canada
2.496 EUR
2.734 USD
3.680 CAD
Egg prices in Canada

Egg prices in Canada in 2023

Producers, wholesalers, and retailers make up the egg industry. Both fresh and processed eggs are available. The demand for eggs, the cost of production, transportation costs, and retail margins all influence egg pricing.

Egg prices in Canada are influenced by a variety of factors. Examples are the price at which they are sold on commodities markets, transportation costs, and retail margins. Price of a dozen eggs in Canada, Grade A organic eggs normally cost $6 to $7 per dozen at supermarket stores in Canada, while a dozen large Grade A non-organic eggs cost $4 to $5 per dozen.

Egg Prices in Canada

How much are eggs in Canada? Price of eggs at Walmart Canada

Eggs at Walmart CanadaEstimated Prices (CAD)
Gray Ridge Large Brown Eggs$6.58
GoldEgg Omega-3 Large Brown Eggs$6.48
Great Value Large Eggs$3.68
Great Value Organic Free-run Large eggs$7.44
GoldEgg Omega-3 Large White Eggs$6.04
Egg prices in Canada

What are the main factors that affect how much egg prices in Canada?

Prices of eggs in Canada are affected by a number of factors, including the price of feed, the cost of production, and the demand for eggs.

The main factors affecting egg prices in Canada are:

  • The price of feed: The price that farmers pay for feed is one factor that affects how much it costs to produce an egg. If the cost of feed goes up, then egg prices will also go up.
  • The cost of production: Another factor that affects egg prices is how much it costs to produce an egg. If higher labor or equipment costs are involved in producing an egg, then this will lead to higher egg prices.
  • Demand for eggs: Finally, demand also affects how much they cost on a market.
  • When there is increased demand for eggs, egg prices in Canada will rise as there are more people willing to pay for them. What does this mean?- The cost of production is tied to the egg prices in Canadian stores. If it costs more money to produce an egg, then this will lead to higher egg prices. Higher demand for eggs leads to higher prices.
Egg Prices in Canada

How to ensure you’re buying quality eggs?

Buying eggs can be confusing because there are so many options. You want to make sure you’re getting the best quality eggs for the lowest price.

Canada’s eggs come from various sources, including free-range, organic, and cage-free farms. The type of egg you buy will depend on your personal preference and what you are cooking with them. The best way to ensure that you are buying quality eggs is to research the egg farm before buying eggs online in Canada or in-store.

The Canadian Egg Marketing Agency (CEAA) lists Canadian farmers that meet their code of conduct, including standards for animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and food safety. The CEAA also provides information on where to buy quality eggs online in Canada.

  1. Why are eggs in the fridge in Canada?

    Eggs should be discarded after more than two hours at room temperature. Keeping the eggs in the fridge is the best way to preserve the eggs.

  2. Should I wash my eggs before refrigerating them?

    Always keep washed eggs in the refrigerator. When kept in the refrigerator, eggs will retain their quality better. Washing the eggs before refrigerating cleans off any dirt likely to come from the producer.

  3. Are brown eggs healthier than white ones?

    There is no proof of the nutritional difference between brown eggs and white eggs. Egg color difference is a result of chicken breed gene make up.

  4. How long will fresh eggs last on the counter?

    Unwashed eggs have a two-week shelf life outside of the refrigerator and a three-month or longer shelf life within. If there is an egg boom, it's a good idea to put any unwashed fresh eggs you won't be eating right away in the refrigerator. They will remain quality longer as a result.

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