Created Duck: Characteristics, Origin, & Purpose - May 2023

Created Duck: Characteristics, Origin, & Purpose

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Last Updated March 22, 2023

Characteristics of Crested Duck

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The Crested is a type of duck that is kept as a pet. Most likely, Dutch ships brought it from the East Indies to Europe. It looks the way it does because it has two copies of a gene mutation that makes the skull deformed.
Characteristics of Crested Duck
The Crested duck has features that stand out. The bodies are carried at an angle, and the necks are about the same length. The white crested duck has a long, pale orange beak and legs. The silver appleyard crested duck, on the other hand, has dark gray beaks and legs.
Purpose: Egg and meat
Maximum Egg production: 120 to 180 Annually
Temperament: Friendly and sociable
Recognized variety: White, black, or gray, or a combination.
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