Top Reasons Why Choose Cobb 500 Broiler

Imagine growing broiler chickens for the market and needing more than seven (7) weeks to reach the normal broiler market weight of 5.7 pounds in the United States. This would result in significant financial losses. Here in this article we will look at some features of the cobb 500 broiler which makes them one of the best options for broiler breed selection.

Attaining a good weight for broiler birds depends on factors such as high quality and water, sorting and raising broiler birds according to sizes and weight, and most importantly sourcing your broiler day-old chicks from a good sources and here is where cobb 500 broiler comes into question. Is it worth it buying cobb 500 broiler day-old chicks for chicken meat production?

Features of the cobb 500 broiler

A typical broiler has yellowish skin and white feathers. Compared to roosters and egg-laying birds, broiler chickens that grow quickly reach a weight of 2.0 kilos in four to seven weeks. Mostly, it depends on the type of breed and its feed conversion ratio.

Feed conversion ratio of cobb 500 broiler

Feed conversion ratio (FCR) is the ability of the chicken to convert feed intake into the production of body mass. A great feed conversion ratio in broiler birds will have significant impact on profit margins.

Getting a good feed conversion in broilers counts in the first seven days of raising broiler day-old chicks. Maintaining a hygienic environment, providing quality feed and water, using the right temperature during brooding (Learn how to care for day-old chicks), and incorporation the right poultry medication.

Cobb 500 broiler breeds have been developed with real time feed conversion technology to reduce cost in production while enhancing the a large feed conversion ratio into meat production.

According to Vikaspedia, the typical live weight of a modern broiler chick should be 1.75 to 2.00 kg at 6 weeks of age, with a feed conversion ratio (FCR) of 1.9 to 2.1. FCR measures the amount of feed needed to create one kilogram of live weight.

Excellent robustness of cobb 500

You might wish to take into account the broiler bird’s hardiness as well as how rapidly it reacts to environmental stressors. Cobb 500 broilers are made to withstand any production-related challenges.

Environmental challenges for poultry growth will defer from farms. It does not necessary mean if your birds are well designed to face environmental challenges, you still need to ensure strict biosecurity levels on the farm. Learn how to establish biosecurity on the farm.

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