Day Old Chicks DOC Current Price and Where to Buy Online Nigeria 2022

Day Old Chicks DOC Current Price in Nigeria. Day-old chicks are a vital part of the chicken meat supply chain in Nigeria. They are used for meat and egg production and are a major source of income for many families.

Unfortunately, the high demand for day-old chicks has led to a shortage, which has put a lot of small-scale farmers at risk. In response, some farmers have started to buy chicks from other countries and keep them for a couple of days, before selling them on to the Nigerian market.

NIGERIA is a major producer and exporter of day-old chicks in the world. In 2015, the country produced an estimated 10.5 million day-old chicks for food and for breeding purposes. The majority of these, around 9.2 million, were destined for export. The demand for day-old chicks in Nigeria is largely driven by the large-scale poultry farming industry.

Day Old Chicks DOC Current Price and Where to Buy Online Nigeria

Best Quality Day Old Chicks

How much is day old chick in Nigeria?

Day-old chick price in Nigeria ranges from ₦30,500.

  • List of top hatcheries in Nigeria
    • CHI
    • AMO
    • Agrited
    • Grinphield
    • Olam
    • Zartech
    • Sayed

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