Dr. Daniel Masaba: From Medical Doctor To Chicken Farmer

Dr. Daniel Masaba is a chicken farmer who left his former medical doctor profession to go full-time into chicken farming. It was such a hard decision despite the fact that chicken farming is regarded as a job for the poor in Uganda.

Who is Dr. Daniel Masaba?

Dr. Daniel Masaba was a medical doctor who had a great enthusiasm for farming. Upon discovering that medical doctors in Uganda had lower earning potential compared to their global counterparts, he chose to explore a different path, and he has been content with his decision ever since. He was inspired to establish a poultry farm from the ground up with minimal resources due to his passion. By utilizing his YouTube channel, which has more than 10,000 followers, he provides free knowledge about poultry farming.

Dr. Daniel Masaba’s net worth

Online sources suggest that Dr. Daniel’s net worth is more than 700 million Ugandan shillings, and he earns an annual income of over 35 million Ugandan shillings from his YouTube channel and poultry farm combined. It is expected that his earnings from these two sources will surpass 42 million Ugandan shillings in the forthcoming years.

Farm up Uganda contacts

Dr. Daniel is the founder of Farm Up and owner of the Farm Up YouTube channel.

  • Kireka Shopping Complex, Level 3. P. O box 71750 Kampala.
  • Direct Message. [email protected]
  • Telephone/Whatsapp. (+256) 777949545.

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