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Egg Price In India (2022)

The egg rate in India is a little bit higher than in most other countries. In India, the egg rate is around 40 eggs per hundred. The egg rate in the United States is a little bit lower.

What is the cost of 1 egg in India?

The egg price in India varies from 15 to 25 eggs per kilogram.

India is an extremely productive country. The economy is quite large and is growing at a very rapid rate. Industries are growing at an incredible rate. India’s population is growing at a rate of 6.6 percent a year.

Best Hatcheries to buy quality day-old chicks in India

Egg Price in India

EggEgg Price Today (India Rupee)
Desi Egg16/Pc
Brown Omega-3 Eggs30/Box
Aseel Brown Natukodi Guddulu4.90/Pc
Chittagong Brown Desi Natu Kodi Chicks Egg12/Pc
White Free Range Desi Eggs10/Pc
Brown Pure Desi Hen Eggs9/Pc
Giriraja Eggs12/Pc
Egg Price In India

namakkal egg rate

The namakkal egg price is a little bit lower than the egg price in India. The egg price in India is around 40 eggs per hundred. In the United States, the egg price is around 35 eggs per hundred.

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