Epol Chicken Feed Prices 2022: Best Prices On Quality Feed

Current Epol chicken feed prices for all types of poultry layers, broilers, and starters. Find Epol poultry feed prices listed below.

Epol poultry feed prices

Epol Chicken Feed Prices are the best you can get n South Africa. Epol poultry feeds are of great quality, it comes with high nutritional contents that will enhance your poultry production.

How much is a bag of broiler feed in South Africa?

A 40 kg bag of broiler feed in South Africa (Johannesburg) is approximate R280.00 for a 40 kg broiler stater, broiler finisher/ grower feed of 40 kg is around R259.00 and the broiler post finisher is around R246.00/40 kg.

Epol Chicken Feed Prices
  • List of broiler feed and prices
Type of feedWeight (kg)Price (R)
Broiler Starter 40R280.00
Broiler Finisher40R259.00
Broiler Post Finisher40R246.00
  • List of layer feed and prices
Type of feedWeight (kg)Price (R)
SURE-Lay Phase 1
SURE-Lay Phase 2
SURE-Lay Phase 1
Pellet III

Benefits of buying and using Epol Poultry Feed

Unlike other poultry feed manufacturing companies, Epol has on display the ingredients they used in preparing each type of feed and for every type of bird. Epol chicken feed prices are moderately good looking at the costs of producing these feed ingredients on the market these days, Epol will be the best choice for every poultry farmer in South Africa.

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