5 Tips Feeding Animals Formulated Feed Or Factory Feed

Feeding Animals Formulated Feed Or Factory Feed

Factory Feed VS Prepared Animal Feed

The decision between factory-made feed and self-prepared feed for an animal farm is influenced by a variety of factors. Sometimes you find it hard to decide feeding animals formulated feed or factory feed.

Animal feed must be prepared to meet the many parameters of growth performance, production efficiency, and animal health maintenance.

Here is a constructive comparison of factory manufactured feed and formulated feed to help you make a feed selection decision.

Factory prepared feed

The benefits and drawbacks of factory-produced feed are discussed below. Dependence on factory-prepared feed is lucrative and convenient for commercial or farmer-run large-scale animal operations. Let’s have a look at some typical disadvantages and advantages to be aware of before deciding between factory-produced feed and self-made feed.

NoAdvantages of factories’ feedDisadvantages of factories’ feed
1.It saves you time (machines mix faster)Expensive due to value additions
2.Buying feed materials in small quantities is very expensiveIngredients listed on bags may not match the formulated feed
3.Feed materials are well mixedThey may get contaminated in the process of transporting
Factory VS Prepared Animal Feed

If you want to buy factory-made feed, you should first investigate their history and how effectively their feed benefits farmers. You may simply accomplish this by questioning farmers in the area. Over here we have reviewed feed manufacturers in Ghana. Buy quality animal feed in Ghana.

Mixing your own feed

Making your own animal feed offers various advantages, but there are also negatives to consider. When you have the time and don’t trust the feed manufacturers near you, you can mix your own feed. At all times, safety comes first.

NoAdvantages of mixing own feedDisadvantages of mixing feed
1.You are hundred percent sure of what you supply to your animalsExpensive due to materials transport
2.There is no movement, and that prevents contaminationFarmers suffer in times of feed material scarcity
3.You do not pay for value-added tax like company sacks printing Takes a lot of time to mix in the absence of a feed mixer
Factory VS Prepared Animal Feed

So, if you want to consider mixing your own feed, please read these mixing your own feed tips.

What are the types of feed?

Technically we have three types of feeds. Conventional, mixed, and roughages feed.

  1. Roughages are pasture forages, hays, silages, and byproduct feed with high fiber content. Basically, roughages are fed in ruminant production. Goats, cows, rabbits, sheep, horses,s and other ruminants are fed with high fiber.
  2. Concentrates include energy-dense grains and molasses, protein- and energy-dense supplements and byproduct feeds, and vitamin and mineral supplements. Concentrates are purely factory-made feed assisted by laboratory examinations. This type of feed may contain products you may not find easily on the market to buy.
  3. Mixed feeds might have a high or low calorie, protein, or fiber content, or they can give “full” balanced meals. Mixed feeds are very popular. Farmers use the trial-and-error method to formulate mixed feeds.

How is animal feed made?

For you to make animal feed you need the following;

  • Feed formula
  • Feed materials
    • Energy materials like maize
    • Protein
    • Calcium
    • Supplements
    • Vitamins
  • Weighing scale
  • Sacks to preserve
  • A mixer
  • Labour

Livestock feed manufacturing business

The livestock feed production sector is very profitable since most animal producers, including the poultry industry, rely on their goods to run their businesses.

  • List of Animal Feed Companies in Ghana
    • Koudijs
    • Sankofa
    • Agricare
    • BorisB feeds
    • Darko farm feeds
    • GAFCO feeds
  • List of Animal Feed Companies in Sri Lanka
    • TGF Agro Impex
    • Coens Biz
    • LargoTrading pvt Ltd
  • List of animal feed manufacturers in Tamilnadu
    • NKM Bran and Cattle
    • JK Animal Feeds & Foods
    • SKM Animal Feeds & Foods (India) Limited
    • Hindhusthaan Feeds nd Foods
    • SKM Animal Feeds and Foods India Ltd
    • Vee Jey
  • List of animal feed manufacturers in South Africa
    • WL Duffield & Sons Ltd
    • GLW
    • Animal Feed Manufacturers Association
    • Serfco
    • lubern
    • Meadow

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