REGISTER: Setting Financial Goals For Your Agribusiness

What are financial goals?

Financial goals are short-term, medium, and long-term goals made based on a financial plan. Financial goals prioritization in business is very essential and needs to consider no matter the size of your business.

Setting up financial goals for your Agribusiness

Nourishing Africa welcomes you to her webinar starting on 3rd February on setting up goals for your agribusiness.


What you will gain from this webinar?

  1. Understand the importance of setting financial goals and the impact on business growth
  2. Set up practical goals that align with their business profile
  3. Learn about the several aspects of financial planning such as reducing costs, eliminating wastes, setting revenue targets, investing unused funds, etc.
  4. Understand how to measure success, pivot, or improve strategies where relevant.
  5. Discover new funding opportunities
  6. Experience one-on-one networking with other entrepreneurs in your sector
  7. Share problems in a safe space
  8. Find new suppliers, customers, and distributors
  9. Gain first-hand Industry updates


Register Here

Meeting location

This meeting is set to take place on zoom for all interested participants to join.

Meeting Time

4pm WAT | 5pm CAT | 6pm EAT| 3pm for Ghana

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