Free Courses; Agriculture Economics And Nature 17 Hours

Agriculture can be one of the major ways that can contribute to transforming our world for the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Basing on the 1st and 2nd goals of the sustainable develop, that is no poverty  and zero hungry, agriculture can be used to improve animal nutrition and husbandry and also planting for foods and jobs, thereby eliminating hunger and creating jobs for the youth in it.

Course description

This course will assist you enhance your abilities and knowledge while also determining whether this is a subject you’d like to pursue further. High-quality video lectures, expert interviews, demonstrations of how to develop economic models in spreadsheets, practice quizzes, and a variety of recommended and optional literature are all included in the course

What you will learn?

by the end of this course, students must be able to;

  • Communicate better with  farmers
  • Make better contribution to decisions made by farmers
  • Respond to policies, agricultural and economic opportunities
  • Know the history of agricultural products and prices
  • Know agriculture’s reliance on natural resources
  • Know how to build economic models in spreadsheet
  • Understand changes that have occurred in agriculture
  • Support improved decision making about things like agricultural production methods
  • Understand the balance between agricultural production and its environmental impacts.
  • Address agricultural issues of water availability, herbicide resistance and climate change.



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