Transformation Of The Global Food System Free Course In 12 Hours

Global food transformation systems can be achieved by improving the breeding, nutrition and giving much attention to food security. For hundreds of years, farmers have been using breeding knowledge, science and technology to improve our food system.

Providing highly nutritious food to many people is a major challenge that can’t be overcome by simply scaling up current food production and consumption patterns. A lot of changes need to be done to transform the global food system.

Course description 

The focus of this course is on ways to make food systems more sustainable. It is divided into four parts, each of which focuses on a key component in the development of more sustainable food systems.

What is one expected to gain after this course?

At  the end of the course, one is expected to;

  • Connect the challenges that must be overcome to develop a sustainable global food system
  • Find/develop possible solutions to the challenges with the food system
  • Find new ways to transform the way we produce, distribute and consume food worldwide
  • Develop new ways of intervention in terms of transforming the food system
  • Have ideas about how to improve the conditions for small-scale farmers




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