Free Courses Online: Climate Action In Biodiverse Landscapes

Free courses online: In this edition of climate action in biodiverse will improve your knowledge and skills, allowing you to move from analysis to action in order to create climate-smart landscapes all around the world.

What You Will learn

  1. Define and explain several types of climate action, as well as the global urgency to act collectively.
  2. Understand how climate change affects you and your environment, and why the landscape is a smart place to start when it comes to taking climate action.
  3. Understand the link between climate change and biodiversity, and why it’s critical to include biodiversity in climate action.
  4. In these free courses online, you will also learn how to examine your stakeholder dynamics and recognize the necessity of effective multi-stakeholder collaboration for climate action.
  5. To aid landscape decision-making, use participatory tools and methods to analyze climate vulnerabilities and develop, prioritize, and assess adaptation and mitigation actions.




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