Ghana: Flooding Reportedly Killed Around 6,000 Poultry Birds.

Flood in ghana today

Recent flooding in Ghana’s Dormaa West District is reported to have inundated a poultry farm, resulting in the loss of about 6,000 birds.

According to a GNA source, the managing director of Ansonama Farms, Mr. Yaw Takyi Ansonama, related the tragic account, claiming that the storm’s downpour swept out all the coops and destroyed the poultry structure.


Effects of flooding in ghana

Rains have wiped away the Ansonama fields, which have a capacity of around 90,000 and provide a source of daily income for approximately 400 people in and around the community.

Keeping up with the poultry industry in Ghana has proven to be a difficult undertaking for poultry producers. Given the continuous increases in the expense of feeding the poultry birds. Maize prices, as well as those of soybeans, wheat, and concentrates, have caused major problems for Ghanaian poultry farmers. The management of Ansonama Farms now has to deal with more than simply the soaring price of poultry feed in Ghana as a result of the floods.

Solutions to flooding in Ghana

Mr. Francis Kwadwo Oppong and other prominent members of the Regional Coordinating Council paid the victims a visit and assured them of government aid. Poultry farmers and other major agri-businesses in the region have been urged to grow trees to serve as a wind barrier and for sustainable agriculture.

The National Disaster Management Organization will work with the regional council to examine the disaster’s impact and determine how the government can best assist the victims.


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