Habushu snake liquor Japan & Chinese Cruelly Produced Snake Wine

By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated January 26, 2023

The social media timeline got the attention of the audience after a user tweeted a picture of a snake in whisky. Many expressed how disgusting and cruel some people can be to the extent of putting a venomous viper in wine (Habu Sake) and whiskies for people to drink.

The Western Zhou dynasty (1046-771 BC) is credited with the invention of Chinese snake wine, which was utilized for medical purposes. Further readings will expose you to learn about snake wine and if it is safe to drink.

Habushu snake liquor
Habu sake wine

Here is all you need to know about the famous venomous viper snake trapped in whisky called the Habushu Snake Liquor or Okinawa’s potent habu sake packs. This is a famous but expensive wine in Japan, China, India, and other parts of Asia.

Why do the Japanese put snakes in alcohol?

Though no medical reports have confirmed the benefits of venomous viper wine, it is believed that wine helps with reproduction abilities in males. The habu snake is capable of mating for up to 26 hours, due to this concept, some people believe that drinking habushu (snake wine or whisky) might help men with problems in reproduction. According to widely held views, persons who consume habushu inherit certain abilities.

How is the Habu snake inserted into the bottle?

Inserting the snake into the bottle is done strategically. Worst case scenario a bite from the snake can cause instant death. The practice is insane and cruel in the sense that most countries including the United States prevent the sale of Habushu wine in the United States.

This method of inserting the snake requires you to first put the snake on ice until it becomes unconscious. The internal part is taken out and the skin is sewn together into one full piece before inserting it into the wine.

The process of taking out the intestine is to negate the venom of the habu snake making the Habushu wine safe to drink. The method also helps to remove bad odors likely to come out in the drink compared to the ancient method where the full snake is inserted into the bottle without gutting. Inserting a live snake into the alcohol makes the snake goes into hibernation but it is likely to come back to life. Accounts recorded, that habu snakes that came back to life were very aggressive.

Can you buy snake wine in the US?

The snakes used for making this type of wine and whisky are protected by the CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and that restriction are put on the importation of snake wine (Habushu in the US)

How much does Habu Sake cost?

The cost of a Habu snake wine deters high patronize among medium and low-income earning citizens. A snake wine (Habushu wine) costs around $1,100 for a matured Habu snake wine and a younger Habu snake wine costs about $90.

Can you mail Habu Sake to the US?

Despite restrictions in importing Habu Sake to the US, you can still get a Habu Sake in the US via mail. Remember, this is at your own risk since your insurance will not be responsible for the consumption of products outside registered products on sale and are safe for consumption.

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