Tar Spot: How Do You Scout For Tar Spots? - May 2023

Tar Spot: How do you scout for tar spots?

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated April 18, 2023

How to stay a step ahead of tar spot

Knowing if you have ever had a tar spot is your first line of defense. This can let you know whether there are any local inoculum sources that can start infections. If you have previously observed a tar spot on your farm, then ipso facto the pathogen is present and near the corn.

Additionally, studies show that the tar spot disease can grow in a particularly favorable environment made possible by the weather. So how do you know when to watch the weather?

Tar spot Tracker

To stay alert and ahead of tar spot you may need the following integrated tar spot tracker.

Field Prophet

In agronomic fields or turf settings, Field Prophet helps in making management decisions concerning current or impending disease infections like tar spot. The algorithms in the app employ statistical models in conjunction with weather data for dates that the user has chosen to predict the likelihood that plant diseases will arise.


Tarspotter uses GPS data to detect whether the weather has been conducive to the growth of Tar spot fungus. The app’s models take advantage of the local weather to forecast ideal circumstances for the majority of corn-growing locations. A site-specific risk prediction is created using these forecasts and crop phenology. Download on Apps Store and Google Play Store.

Source: Poultryabc.com

Source: PoultryABC.com
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