How Long Does Cobb 500 Take To Mature? - May 2023

How long does Cobb 500 take to mature?

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Last Updated April 27, 2023

Farmers need to consider factors such as broiler breed selection to attain a good weight for broiler chickens.

Additionally, it is crucial to source broiler day-old chicks from a reputable supplier. This is where the importance of the Cobb 500 broiler comes into play.

Is it worth going for the Cobb 500 broiler for production? Here are a few things to know.

How long does Cobb 500 take to mature?

How long does Cobb 500 take to mature?

How long does Cobb 500 take to mature?

Compared to other broiler types, the average weight should increase to 2.4 kg in 42 days from its current value of 1.9 kg in 35 days.

What makes broiler chickens grow faster?

Broiler chickens grow faster as a result of fast-growing gene selection. Researchers have identified the insulin-like growth factor 1 gene (IGF1). This gene is responsible for broiler chickens’ growth, body composition, and metabolic and skeletal characteristics.

What are two factors to increase production in broilers?

Temperature and ventilation increase production in broilers. You can give broilers the best feed. However, poor regulation of temperature and ventilation will affect production in broilers.

For instance, there was a 1500-capacity broiler production in one of my fields. Management ensured the best poultry management practice. But there were a series of mortalities recorded.

The first diagnosis was a post moterm to find out what could be the cause of the broiler chickens dying. Findings were the absence of ingested feed in the crop but the presence of excess water.

The farm was made to provide enough shade by the windows to prevent the direction of sunlight in the pen. The poultry structure was sitting in the wrong orientation.

To minimize the exposure of the sidewall to direct sunlight, farmers should orientate the poultry house in the east-west direction.

What do chickens need to grow faster?

Feeding your broiler chickens with a high-protein diet can promote faster growth. Farmers can also supplement their diet with plant protein.

How do you make a broiler growth booster?

Farmers can incorporate 3g/kg of garlic powder into the broiler feed as a natural growth booster. For example, for a 25kg bag of feed, add 75g of garlic powder.

What causes slow growth in broilers?

  • High stocking density
  • Poor ventilation
  • Poor lighting
  • Inadequate feed and poor nutrition
  • Poor chick quality
  • Disease outbreak
  • Poor bird welfare
  • Extreme temperatures


How can I improve my broiler performance? These are ways to improve broiler feed efficiency beyond nutrition;

  • Avoid hot spots in feed silos.
  • Use feeders that don’t waste feed.
  • Lights on and off.
  • Avoid heavy body weight at market age.
  • Keep birds healthy.

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