5 Tips How To Develop Human Resources Management - May 2023

5 Tips How to Develop Human Resources Management

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By Nana Adufah

Last Updated August 8, 2022

Yes, Human Resources is one of the essential areas often overlooked in businesses, but interestingly, the true success of the business depends on it. It is said that the competency of your labor/human resources dictates how successfully your business will perform.

This section outlines your current human resource(HR) policies, how the policies will change over the planning period, and what you or other managers may need to do to improve HR management.

Below are the areas of the Human Resources to look at in a Business Plan

Human Resources SWOT analysis

Organizational chart

Overview of current policies

Managerial expertise

Human Resources strategy

Human Resources

Human Resources SWOT Analysis

Here, tell the reader about the summarized results of the human resource management SWOT analysis. Talk about the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
The insights of the employees may be beneficial here.

Organizational Chart and Related Information

Provide a visual representation of the positions of the staff in your business to allow the employees to see their position in the firm. Also, the chart should show that each person has only one immediate supervisor.

It’s crucial to define the managerial structure so that employees answer directly to only one person to avoid conflicting directions.

Overview of Current Policies

We advise that you complete this section with the most accurate information you have at your disposal. Remember to include information regarding all business employees, including the management team.

Answer the below questions in this section;

  • How Much do you pay or intend to pay your employees?
  • At what intervals are they paid, or will they be paid (for example, weekly or monthly)? 
  • What sort of benefits package is or will be offered?
  • Does the package differ by type of employee? 
  • Do you or Will you have an incentive plan for employees? 
  • Does or will each position have a written job description? 
  • How do or will you recruit new workers/managers? 
  • What training is or will be provided for new employees? 
  • What training is or will be given when employees assume new responsibilities?
  • Is there a formal mechanism for evaluating workers’ performance? 
  • How frequently is performance assessed? 
  • How does or will the employee receive the manager’s assessment?
  • Are the salaries or wages based at least partially on these evaluations?
Human Resources

Managerial Expertise

Business consultants with expertise in HR management should use managerial skills in many instances to help you develop the best HR policies possible for that particular business.

how to develop HR strategy

Once you have outlined your marketing and production plans, you must evaluate the ramifications of those plans for the business’ human resources.

Will the plans require any shift in the HR policies? How?, If yes.

Be sure to describe any changes you plan to make in your HR management. 

Indicate if the plan will require additional training for existing and new employees.

Please talk about the tactics you will use concerning your human resources to affect the business positively to ensure it translates into profits and wealth creation.

Don’t forget to provide written copies of job announcements and descriptions in an appendix.


Do you want your business to succeed?. Well, then carefully pay attention to your human resources. Labour can positively or negatively affect your projected increased revenues, so prepare this section of your business plan with care.

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