4 Tips How To Enhance Growth In Poultry - May 2023

4 Tips How to Enhance Growth in Poultry

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated August 8, 2022

Enhance Growth in Poultry

Growth enhancement in poultry plays a key role in profit maximization. Every farmer’s priority is to increase the body mass of their birds. No matter how good or healthy the birds are, increasing their size attracts a good market.

Let’s look at how to enhance growth in poultry

1. The quality and quantity of feed.

When it comes to seeking results, you should keep in mind that whatever your input is the same as your output.

It should take less time to see a growth boost in your birds if you use a quality compounded feed.

Feeding your birds a substandard or less nutritious diet will not guarantee growth, and the consequences will take a long time to show. It is unwise to do so because feeding them a high-quality diet in the least amount of time will cost you extra.

Set up treatments of two sets of birds with different feeds and analyze the average after a few weeks to see the best results for yourself.

2. Water Supply in Poultry

Poultry birds, like humans, are sensitive. There will be fewer activities, including eating if there is no water to quench its thirst.

Enhance Growth in Poultry
Enhance Growth in Poultry

To ensure that the birds feed well, make sure there is enough clean water available at all times and that it is kept cool.

3. Animal Welfare

Keeping chickens is a form of indirect contract signing. In all instances, you must do the necessary. Follow your medication and vaccination schedules on a regular basis.

Enhance Growth in Poultry

You must protect your investment at all costs by ensuring that the birds are in good health and adhering to stringent biosecurity guidelines on the farm.

Weaker birds and small birds should also be separated from the flock and treated individually. One aspect that contributes to poor performance in some birds is their size disparity, and the best treatment is to isolate and treat them to enhance their growth.

4. Good Management Practice

In the poultry industry, management is crucial. Poor management practices can only slow down output, whether you’re raising a foreign breed or a local one.

If you can’t stand being in the pen for long periods of time due to the stink, you should know that the birds are suffering as well.

When you visit most poultry farmers, it’s fairly usual to discover moist litter inside with ammonia gas flowing out, and they’ll give you all kinds of justifications for why the delay in changing it.

Not to mention, adding vitamins to a bird’s water can improve their appetite and help them eat more. Do it with caution and with the guidance of your local veterinarian. Giving the birds vitamins 24 hours a day for seven days is not the way to go if you want to see growth enhancement.

You can also observe broiler night feeding, and feed should always be given adlibitum.

Best growth promoter for poultry

Growth promoters are compounds that can be used to help chickens grow faster. Antibiotics, hormones, and other drugs fall into this category. The primary goal of employing these growth promoters is to accelerate the growth of chickens. Increase their feed intake or stimulate their metabolism to achieve this.

Growth promoters not only help enhance growth in poultry but also aid to reduce mortality. This is because they boost the immune system, making birds more resistant to infections and disorders. Some of the most often utilized growth promoters are as follows:

Antibiotics: Antibiotics have been used in agriculture for decades to control disease outbreaks while also increasing cattle growth rates. However, several nations have outlawed the use of antibiotics as growth promoters on farms due to worries about antibiotic resistance and potential health consequences.


There are a number of ways to enhance growth in poultry, so many that this article would not be able to discuss it all. But hopefully, with the help of the recommendations above, you will be able to choose your own course and find success with poultry or even other animals in the future.

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