How To Germinate Moringa Seeds In Plastic Bags - May 2023

How To Germinate Moringa Seeds In Plastic Bags

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Last Updated May 15, 2023

The Indian subcontinent is home to the fast-growing, drought-resistant Moringa oleifera tree, which belongs to the Moringaceae family. Common names for this tree include Ben oil, benzolive, horseradish, and Moringa.

You can plant Moringa seeds as soon as they mature since they don’t have any dormancy periods.

Those of you with limited outdoor space to grow your moringa seeds will learn how to germinate moringa seeds in plastic bags.

Plastic bags are used sometimes to germinate moringa seeds when the soil is not favorable (bad conditions) for the seeds to sprout into seedlings.

How To Germinate Moringa Seeds In Plastic Bags

How To Germinate Moringa Seeds In Plastic Bags

Estimate Cost : USD

Time Needed : 00 hours 45 minutes

Germinating moringa seeds in plastic bags is an alternative to direct ground planting when soil conditions are unfavorable and unlimited outdoor space.

  1. Fill up the plastic bags.

    Fill the seedling bags with a light soil mixture, such as 3 parts soil to 1 part sand.

  2. Insert the seeds

    Plant two or three deep seeds, ¼ in. (0.5 cm), in each bag. Do not plant more than necessary; if not, the seeds will not have enough space and nutrients to germinate.

  3. Plant the seeds.

    Plant 3 to 5 seeds in each hole, with a 2 in. (5 cm) gap between them, ensuring the seeds are not planted deeper than three times their width.

  4. Add water.

    Water the planted seeds, but do not overwater it. Maintain adequate soil moisture so that the top soil doesn't dry up and suffocate the newly sprouting saplings.

  5. Arrange the bags under the shade.

    Provide a shed for the plastic bags after planting the moringa seeds in them.

  • Garden fork
  • Digging tool
  • Watering Can
  • Plastic bags
  • Viable Moringa Seed
  • Compost
  • Light soil mixture
  1. How many days does it take for moringa seeds to germinate?

    Moringa seeds will germinate within 4 – 12 days. However, the time required for each seed to germinate is not uniform, as it depends on the quality of the seed and the environment and conditions surrounding it.

  2. How long can moringa seeds be stored?

    Moringa seeds can be stored for a maximum of 6 months. After 6 months, it will start to deteriorate.

  3. How many years does a moringa tree live?

    Moringa oleifera has an average lifespan that ranges between thirty and forty years.


In 4 to 12 days, you should see the seeds sprouting. We recommend you ensure the plastic bags have enough holes for excess water to drain out.

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