How To Germinate Moringa Seeds - May 2023

How To Germinate Moringa Seeds

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Last Updated May 5, 2023

The Indian subcontinent is home to the fast-growing, drought-resistant Moringa oleifera tree, which belongs to the Moringaceae family. Common names for this tree include Ben oil, benzolive, horseradish, and Moringa.

You can plant Moringa seeds as soon as they mature since they don’t have any dormancy periods.

How to germinate moringa seeds in the ground

How To Germinate Moringa Seeds

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Time Needed : 00 hours 45 minutes

Planting the seeds directly in the intended growing area is the best option, and transplanting the seedling is not recommended since young seedlings are fragile and often cannot survive.

  1. Choose a planting area.

    When choosing a planting area, opt for light and sandy soil instead of heavy clay or water-logged soil.

  2. Dig holes.

    Dig 1 ft (30 cm) square holes that are 1 ft deep and back-fill them with loose soil. Consider adding compost or manure to help the tree grow better, even though Moringa trees can grow in poor soils.

  3. Plant the seeds.

    Plant 3 to 5 seeds in each hole, with a 2 in. (5 cm) gap between them, ensuring the seeds are not planted deeper than three times their width.

  4. Add water.

    Water the planted seeds, but do not overwater it. Maintain adequate soil moisture so that the top soil doesn't dry up and suffocate the newly sprouting saplings.

  5. The sapling stage.

    Once the saplings reach a height of four to six inches, keep the healthiest sapling in the ground and remove the rest. Protect saplings from the dangers of termites and nematodes, as these can kill young saplings.

  • Garden fork
  • Digging tool
  • Watering Can
  • Viable Moringa Seed
  • Compost
  1. How long does moringa seed take to germinate?

    Moringa seeds will germinate within 4 – 12 days. However, the time required for each seed to germinate is not uniform, as it depends on the quality of the seed and the environment and conditions surrounding it.

  2. Do I soak moringa seeds before planting?

    Enhance quick germination by soaking Moringa seeds in water for 24 hours. The following day, remove the soaked seeds and place them on a wet paper towel or cotton cloth.

  3. How often should I water moringa seeds?

    Water the seeds every day until the seedling emerges, and then switch to watering every other day. Once the seedlings reach a height of about 18 inches, water them once a week.

  4. Which month is best to plant moringa seeds?

    Sow Moringa seeds between March-May and July-October for the best results. Keep the plant hydrated at all times and cover it with mulch to help retain moisture.

  5. What is the best fertilizer for moringa plants?

    Chicken manure is the best option for fertilizing the moringa plant for those cultivating moringa outdoors and wanting to see good yields.

Final words

Moringa has a lot of health benefits. Germinating moringa seeds can be done anywhere; however, we recommend not using heavy soil and also avoiding excessive watering when you see the seeds sprouting.

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