5 Tips How To Increase Your Earnings In Poultry

Earnings In Poultry

Earnings In Poultry. There are countless ways to increase earnings in the poultry business. Making extra earnings can come from many sources we will look at from further reading.

How profitable is poultry farming to increase one’s earnings?

Earnings In Poultry is one of the main reasons why a lot of people get themselves into the poultry business knowing the earnings per share formula of any business, but things can get messy if not done right. And if done right, that’s a big earning opportunity for you.

Having the technical know-how knowledge can fetch you free money in the poultry farming business. There is no such thing as free in the real world, but there are ways to uncover this on how to earn money fast with these tips.

Earnings In Poultry Brooding

The most important part of any poultry stage is the brooding period. This stage has the potential to make or break your farming business. Day-old chicks can develop properly and without complications with the right quantity of heat supply.

When it comes to heat production, adopting the best source of heat can greatly impact your poultry earnings. In selecting your heat sources it’s best to consider the constant supply, how readily available it is and the cost involve.

What are the sources of heat for brooding?

  • List of sources of heat for brooding
    • Heat lamps
    • Gas hoovers
    • Burning coal in clay pots

It’s up to the management to figure out which of the numerous heat sources in brooding is the cheapest and most reliable. The death of day-old chicks will result in the loss of earnings.

Mortality in Birds

Birds, by nature, can be aggressive by nature. Cannibalism among birds is a normal occurrence in poultry farming with some breeds of birds.

Debeaking the birds and having the appropriate stocking capacity for the size of the housing unit are two approaches to prevent cannibalism. Birds can peck to kill when such happens.

Sanitation can go a long way toward preventing disease outbreaks among birds. Infections can spread within the farm as a result of inadequate hygiene practices, or transferred from outside. You can learn how to implement a biosecurity policy on your poultry farm to prevent loss of money while investing in your production to increase your earnings.

Feeding the right quantity of feed

A good feeding strategy can help you increase your profit margins. Layer birds are put on a weight check to prevent fat buildup, whereas broilers are fed ad libitum. Fat accumulation can limit egg output as well as a layer’s lifespan.

Litter Management

Bedding materials for poultry production can include rice hulls, wood shavings, and maize cobbs, among others. To make extra money, old litter can be sold as manure to crop farmers when replaced. On the farm, nothing goes to waste.

It would be ridiculous to keep a dirty enclosure when there is a chance of increasing your earnings by maintaining a clean environment by ensuring proper litter management. Not changing your litter after a very long time can also lead to bacterial infections like Coccidiosis infection which can be prevented with proper litter management.

Earnings In Poultry
Earnings In Poultry

Dressing of Birds

Dressing slaughtered birds is another way you can increase your earnings in poultry farming. Let’s say that is a service your farm provides.

Poultry bird consumers have these preferences of taking the live bird away or having it killed and dressed on the farm. The preference of a dressed bird by a consumer should come with extra charges.

In addition, the heads, legs, internal organs, and blood are a bonus to the slaughterhouse once the birds are slaughtered. These organs can be packaged and fed to pigs and dogs as feed. Blood from the slaughtered birds can also be used to make blood meals to earn extra money.

Earnings In Poultry
Earnings In Poultry

Quick Recap

We touched on basically normal poultry farm routines that when done right can directly increase your earnings or retained earnings from production cost.

  • Brooding: Setting up a good foundation for your day old chicks goes a long way in ensuring a good production. Also, considering your heat sources can get down production costs.
  • Mortality in Birds: Preventing overcrowding of birds and debeaking can prevent cannibalism in your flock. The more the number, the more income to generate.
  • Feeding: Do not overfeed and do not underfeed your birds. Consider the right feeding strategy in order not to incur costs.
  • Litter management: Don’t keep and dirty pen, change litter when dirty and you can as well exchange it for money from crop farmers.
  • Dressing birds: Your farm can run dressing services for slaughtered birds at a fee to make extra earnings.


Increasing your earnings in poultry production is mostly dependent on your resources, inputs, and management strategies at all levels of your poultry farming production.

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