How to Make Money from Cassava Farming in Ghana; Rev Evans Kyere Success 2022

How to make money

At the Ghana Youth Agriculture Summit on April 9th, 2022 hosted in Kumasi KNUST, Rev. Evans Kyere-Mensah exposed how to make money from agricultural produce as he encouraged students not to turn their backs on agriculture.

The young pastor who owns 50 acres of cassava farms in Ghana started with zero knowledge about cassava, and here is his success story.

What led to the journey to the discovery of how to make money from farming

Rev Evans Kyere Mensah read political science at the university with hopes of becoming a politician, but the dream shuttered along the way. The banking industry was the second most fantasized profession he looked to settle into, but it also didn’t work as he imagined. 

He wrote to almost all the banks in Ghana and attended all the interviews he was called to, but none succeeded.  Frustration set in, but there was one thing he was gifted at naturally: “ministerial work.” So, he went back to his roots and made the spreading of the gospel a full-time profession. 

Outreach programs

Rev Evans Kyere Mensah runs a lot of outreach programs. As part of reaching out and spreading the word to millions, Rev Kyere-Mensah visited one village, and that’s where the success story began. 

He met one family whose principal business was cassava cultivation. He was fascinated by how they farmed cassava and was eager to learn how to do it himself. He approached them and asked whether he could join them or if he could start his own cassava farm.

How to start cassava farming in Ghana with little resources.

This is what Rev Kyere Mensah did and it actually works provided you go into terms and agreement with the right people. So, this is what he did;

  1. Rent a land: It’s not easy to get and buy lands these days in Ghana, however, the best thing you can do is a land leasement agreement.
  2. Make provision for land clearing and management
  3. Source for cassava stems to plant
  4. Observe good agricultural practice.

Management in cassava farming in Ghana

You don’t need to spend a pesewa on fertilizer depending on the condition of the soil. The soil in Ghana is one of the best agricultural resources in the world. Ghana is blessed with the best land for any type of crop production.

Rev Kyere Mensah harvested 5 trucks of cassava after 6 months of cultivation. This piqued his interest, and he eventually noticed the green gold and where he should pay close attention.

How I expanded my cassava plantation in Ghana

I was able to attract an investment business that traveled all the way from Accra to evaluate my farm because of thorough record-keeping and agricultural practices.

I was given a large sum of money, which I used to buy an additional 50 acres of land for cassava planting.

Final thoughts

Agriculture is the green gold that the youth should aim for. Start small backyard farms, collaborate with friends, rent land if possible, and do as much study as you can on what is the most in-demand commodity, profit-driven agricultural products, and change your life into a fruitful one to bless others.
Rev Kyere-Mensah gives advice to participants at the Ghana Youth Agriculture Summit on April 9th, 2022. The campus of KNUST.

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