3 Tips How To Produce Day Old Chicks

3 Tips How to Produce Day Old Chicks

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated March 7, 2023

One day old chicks (DOCs) play an important role. Let’s look at how to produce them commercially.

For one day old chick, the production poultry farmer relies greatly on the breeder farm for chick production. Only a few have both the breeder and the production. The majority have to obtain DOCs from outside sources.

one day old chick
One day old chick

How to produce day old chicks?

1. Own a breeder farm 

What makes a breeder farm different from a production farm? There is a mix of male and female birds on the breeder farm. Birds are allowed to meet, resulting in egg fertilization whereas in production it’s solely one sex like raising layers for table eggs, cockerels, or broilers for meat.

These eggs are transferred to a hatchery where they will hatch into day-old chicks. 

The numerous varieties of birds we grow on our farms are technically the responsibility of breeder farms. One fundamental technique to produce hatching eggs for commercial DOCs production is to have a breeder farm.

2. Buy hatching eggs

Purchasing viable eggs from breeding businesses is another popular method of commercial DOCs production. Between breeder farms and hatchery companies, middlemen play an important role.

They purchase hatching eggs and deliver them to the hatchery for the production stage.

one day old chick
One day old chick

3. Import and distribute DOCs 

Importing or purchasing day old chicks from hatcheries and reselling them to poultry producers is the third means of producing day old chicks.

This method of production necessitates a wide network of poultry farms

So, if you wish to produce DOCs, you can use any of the ways listed above. Best Commercial Incubators for Chicken Eggs

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