How To Register Poultry Farm in South Africa

South Africa is noted as one of the best poultry-producing countries in Africa. I find it interesting to see a lot of South African youth developing an interest in producing agricultural commodities. In this article, you will learn how to register poultry farm in South Africa.

Key players like the Poultry Disease Management Agency and the South African government have in place several policies to govern the production, distribution, and marketing of poultry commodities in South Africa. However, if you just getting started with poultry farming you need to know the policies in your locality. In the meantime; Learn how to start a poultry farm here.

Biosecurity enforcement has been a great challenge in most poultry farms (large, medium, and scale poultry farms). The absence of biosecurity management has led to the collapse of a lot of poultry farms and the primary source of avian flu globally.

How To Register Poultry Farm in South Africa
Poultry birds are susceptible to the least infection and can easily transmit to nearby poultry birds. Registering with the Poultry Disease Management Agency is your first step to poultry biosecurity.

Why you should register your poultry farm?

Registering your poultry farm with an association is very important. Being part of a recognized poultry agency or association gives you benefits like financial support, policy updates on poultry market trends, poultry feed prices, eggs prices, poultry experts available, poultry medication, and other essential poultry resources you may need.

Enforcing disease control policies

Let’s look at the picture from this angle, you may have the best practice on your poultry farm. Biosecurity checked and all protocols to prevent disease infection on your farm. Elsewhere, a poultry farmer may not have these biological and physical security checks however, some of the diseases are airborne and it is likely to reach your farm that is why there is the need to register your poultry farm and be under the influence of disease control policies for the everyones’ safety. I believe you will share this information with every farmer you know to create awareness.

Production of healthy and quality poultry meat and eggs

Following the guidelines and requirements of poultry associations and agencies, poultry farmers are mandated to avoid the use of unhealthy substances (moldy feed) and unapproved medications and antibiotics in raising poultry for meat and eggs. A lot of medical concerns have been raised against the heavy usage of antibiotics in animal production.

Expanding poultry export in South Africa

Standard procedures need to be followed when local poultry products have to be exported to other countries. Product safety checks must be strictly adhered to by local producers to get the certification for exporting. This applies to both meat and egg producers. Ideally, when products are in excess at one point, there is the need to supply to areas where demand is high but low supplies. Here are steps to follow to register with any of the South African poultry associations.

Steps on how to register poultry farm in South Africa

  1. Visit the South African Poultry Association website here.
  2. Select the type of membership (Broiler and Egg production membership).
  3. You are required to pay a basic subscription fee of R450.00 including VAT.
  4. Next step, enter your basic information;
    • Your name
    • Trading company name
    • Location (district and municipality)
    • Size of company and number of employees
    • VAT
  5. Provide information on the birds and other relative details pertaining to the poultry business


Registering your poultry farm with the national poultry association helps in monitoring the growth of poultry in South Africa. Registered poultry farms benefit from training and workshops organized by the poultry association to help improve farm skills to meet the demand for poultry.


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