8 Tips How to start egg supply business in Ghana

How to start egg supply business

If you want to start egg supply business in Ghana or anywhere in the world, this article is made just for you. In this guide, we will show you how to make money from chicken eggs without owning a poultry farm and having a low business budget.

How much capital to start egg business

Starting an egg supply business does not need huge capital. Why do I say this? Supposing you have only one client who consumes three crates of eggs in a week, that means you will have to budget for only three crates of eggs in a week. How much money will that cost you?

Check here (Latest Egg Prices In Ghana) for the current egg prices in Ghana.

How to start egg supply business

How to start egg supply business in Ghana

To start an egg supply business, you need the following things set;

Find a reputable poultry farm you can rely on to start egg supply business at farm gate price

Follow this link for a list of Egg farms

Promote your business

Back to the top list. If you have successfully created an online presence, you can go ahead and promote your egg supply business online, or you can tell friends and family about your business.

Egg business ideas

What if you are not selling the eggs, what can you do?

  • List of egg business ideas
    • Fry and serve with bread and beverages as a fast food joint.
    • Boil the eggs and serve with hot pepper sauce. Hotcake business in Ghana.
    • Pasteurize the eggs and sell them in branded containers.
    • Process into dry form and sell them as egg powder.


This quick guide can generate huge income for you only if you commit a little time to it. If you like this, leave a comment below or share this with your friends.

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