Kubota B01 Series Tractors: Price, Specs, Models - June 2023

Kubota B01 Series tractors: Price, Specs, Models

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Last Updated October 23, 2022

Kubota B01 Series tractors are popularly known when it comes to ranking the best tractor brands in the world. The tractor also ranks among top Kubota tractors models manufactured by the company.

When buying a Kubota tractor it is necessary to know more about the tractor which includes kubota tractor models, kubota parts, prices, the tractor packages, the best kubota dealers, and kubota tractor issues before buying.

Kubota B01 Series tractors models

Kubota models comes in different types. The B2301HSD, B2401, B2401 Narrow, and B2601HSD.

Kubota B01 SERIES tractors

Kubota B01 Series tractors
Kubota B01 SERIES

The Kubota B01 Series tractors are the best equipment for any task, including lawn mowing, landscaping, and light construction. Every model comes with a variety of cutting-edge technologies that increase comfort and productivity. The reasonably priced DT and DT Narrow gear-drive versions from the B01 Series are excellent for both professionals and homeowners with particular requirements.

You can finish practically any activity you set out to do when you combine the convenience and adaptability of well-known Kubota engines and gearboxes with their strength and dependability. The best-rated tractor brand in the US for dependability and owner satisfaction.

kubota b01 series specifications

Standard TransmissionHST (3 range)/Gear (9F/3R)
Gross Engine HP20.9-21.9
PTO HP17.5-19.2
Drive line Type4WD
Capacity Operator PlatformROPS
Loader Lift Capacity948 (430 kg)/NA
PTOStandard: Independent
Rear: 540 rpm
Mid: 2500 rpm
Hydraulic Flow7-8.3
Three Point Linkage TypeCategory I
Three Point Linkage1301-1411

Kubota b01 series price

Kubota b01 seriesPrices
kubota B2301HSD$16,890.00
kubota B2401$13,496.00
kubota B2401 Narrow$15,033.00
kubota B2601HSD$17,908.00

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