Best Layers Floor Space Calculator (Deep Litter)

Layers Floor Space Calculator (Deep Litter)

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated March 23, 2023

Find below our layers floor space calculator. Use our free web app to calculate the floor space or stocking density for egg-laying birds.

Why is an egg-laying bird’s floor space important?

Egg-laying birds are very sensitive to environmental changes. Factors that come harm or reduce egg-laying birds include heat stress, perking to the point of killing other birds, and easy transmission of poultry disease in the pen.

According to FAO, poor poultry pen space results in disturbed social behavior, cannibalism, and illness sensitivity, and deprives lesser birds of food and perches.

An overcrowded egg-laying bird’s structure will make the birds feel uneasy. When the heat starts building up in the pen, birds turn to drink more water than to eat, and when birds don’t eat well to get more energy, egg production will also reduce. Knowing the best space for your birds is your first step to success in poultry.

Effects of poor spacing in egg laying birds’ structure

  • Poor spacing can have a negative on egg laying performance (Reduce egg production).
  • Easy spread of bacterial infection.
  • Overstocking results in cannibalism hence increasing the mortality rate.
  • Egg breakages are another common problem in an overstocked pen.

Use our layers floor space calculator below

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