10 Reasons to choose lemons farm equipment

Lemons farm equipment can be found in Parkersburg on Larkmead road. The word-to-mouth business made $3 million in sales through 2016 and still making it through.

That is impressive to know the company makes sales in huge quantities from state to state, ranking fourth in sales in North America with labels in the United States and Canada. So, why should you make your next destination to the Lemon‘s farm equipment?

Though John Deere remains the largest manufacturer of farm machinery in the world with a high sale of $44 million in 2021 in the United. The likes of Massey Ferguson, Kubota, Mahindra, and others make the sales of farm equipment very competitive.

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About Lemons Farm Equipment

Lemon’s farm equipment parts and services

AGCO parts are extremely reliable, well-engineered, and efficient equipment parts. Get complete maintenance with AGCO GenuineCare maintenance, which provides the best equipment maintenance service available from manufacturers. Consider a busy agricultural season in which your equipment and machinery break down; this is a common occurrence. When dealing with machines, they are prone to malfunctions and damage.

In the worst-case situation, a machine breaking down costs money, especially if you don’t have a damaging budget, but with AGCO protection, you get extended warranty coverage when you sign up for AGCO GenuineCare. This guarantee extends over the manufacturer’s warranty period.

List of AGCO lineup of agriculture machines and equipment

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Massey Ferguson

Lemon’s garage had dealerships with Massey Ferguson in 1987, however, the Lemon brand has been affiliated with the firm since 1957 when Lemon’s Garage opened. Lemon’s business is not only to make sales and render service. The garage is more than a family. Customers stay as a family and they are taken care of. Taking care of other people’s business is the hallmark of the Lemon garage. I bet you want to be part of this big family.

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