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List of Best Hatcheries in India 2022

Looking for the best hatcheries in India to buy day-old chicks or hatch eggs, we have a list of hatcheries in India for you to make your preferred selection.

Poultry business in India

India makes it’s to compete with the world’s largest producer of eggs and poultry, with more than half a million poultry farms and more than 100 chicken hatcheries. Most poultry farms are small-scale, but in the past decade, a number of large hatcheries and poultry producers have entered the market.

This has caused some controversy among consumers and farmers, who are worried about the impact of large poultry producers on the poultry industry and on Indian agriculture in general. But it has also presented a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to invest in the poultry industry.

Hatcheries in India

Top 10 hatcheries in India

These hatcheries were carefully selected based on ratings from consumers, research and facts. Customer care is always the best.

HatcheryAreas served and nearbyPhone/Website
RM HatcheriesDelhi and nearby areas+919255734007
Raman HatcheryJhajjar and nearby areasramanhatchery.in
Sunil Singh HatcheryBihar and nearby areas+919905384910
Universal HatcheryRaipurn/a
PAKHIRAJ HatcheryBeltola Tiniali+919954724957
BMR HatcheryAndhra Pradesh, India+91[861]2325515/2312603
Inder HatcheryBihar and nearby areasinder hatcheries
Srinivasa HatcheriesGannavaram, Andhra Pradesh+918676252397
Central Hatchery PuneWakadewadi, Shivajinagarn/a
Velunthara HatcheriesAyathil, Kallumthazhum+91 94004 31187

Hatcheries in India

India is one of the largest poultry producing nations in the world. The poultry industry in India is largely dependent on hatcheries. Nearly 95% of all domestic chicken eggs are produced by hatcheries, which supply about 60% of the total egg requirement of the country. The Indian hatchery industry is highly mechanized and intensively managed, with a high standard of technology and expertise.

Is chicken hatchery profitable?

The hatchery industry in India has come a long way from its initial stages. Today, the country is the largest producer and exporter of chicken in the world. The Indian hatchery industry has also benefited from the government’s policies in the form of incentives and subsidies. However, the industry is facing a few challenges, which need to be addressed in order to make it more profitable for hatchery owners.

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