List of richest farmers in the world

Farmers make a lot of billions of dollars but you will never know. How much money do farmers earn? All over the globe, farmers from developed countries make huge sums of money annually, and here is a full list of the richest farmers in the world and what they do.

Richest Farmers in the world
Farmers who have made it to the Forbes list as billionaires

List of richest farmers in the world (Summary)

FarmersNet worth
Stewart Resnick and Lynda$5 Billion
Qin Yinglin$22.9 Billion
Colin and Dale Armer$535 million
Liu Yongxing$12 Billion
Harry Stine$7.8 Billion
Bao Hongxing$1.3 Billion
Fu Guangming$1.9 Billion
Vadim Moshkovich$1.5 Billion
Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer$8 Billion
Andrej Babis$3.9 Billion


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