Meadow Feeds: Buy Quality Animal Feed in South Africa 2022

Meadow feeds tops all feed manufacturers in South Africa. When it comes to quality feeds for animal production think Meadow Feeds.

Animal feed composition

The composition of their feed is detailed on their website, along with their respect quantity for validation. Unlike other feed manufacturing companies, Meadow is open and honest with its customers. When it comes to poultry feed, cow feed, sheep feed, goat feed, and swine feed, quality assurance is their first focus.

List of Animal Feed

Animal TypeFeed Types
Broilers FeedBroiler starter
Broiler grower
Broiler finisher
Layers FeedLayer starter mash
Layer grower mash
Layer developer mash
Broiler breeder feedPre-breeder feed
Early breeder feed
Late breeder feed

Meadow feeds also include a variety of animal feeds such as cattle, dairy, swine, sheep, and goats.

Meadow Feeds
Animal TypeFeed Type
Beef feedFeedlot: Pellets and Cubes
Dairy feedCalf feed
Heifer feed
Pre-calving feed
Lactating cows
Swine feedWeaner feed
Maintenance feed
Lactating feed
Grower feed
Finisher feed
Creep feed
SheepLamb creep pellets
Sheep finisher
GoatLactating feed

Meadow feeds contact details

Phone+27 (0)11 991 6000
LocationLanseria, South Africa

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