14 Top mini livestock trailers to buy

Mini livestock trailer

A mini livestock trailer becomes necessary when your livestock production starts expanding. Mini livestock trailers are used in moving livestock animals from one place to another in a safe and most comfortable way without stressing the farm animals.

Livestock trailers can be dated back to the year 1950 when Stidham Trailer Manufacturing in Chickasha, Oklahoma laid the foundation for all the modern mini livestock trailers we have now. Animal welfare is very important in livestock production, you need to observe all protocols in producing and transporting livestock from one place to another.

What are the different types of livestock trailers?

There are two main types of livestock trailers. The Bumper Pull livestock trailer and the Gooseneck livestock trailer. Each type of trailer comes with advantages and disadvantages you should before selecting a livestock trailer to haul horses, ponies goats, cattle, and pigs sometimes. Let’s see these differences below.

Bumper Pull livestock trailer

Who needs a Bumper Pull livestock trailer? Mostly, small size livestock farms who need to haul just a few number of horse, ponies or goats uses the bumper pull livestock trailer. It is the ideal choice for farmers running livestock production on little budget. Below are cons and pros of using a bumper pull stock trialer.

Advantages and disadvantages of bumper pull livestock trailer usage

Pros of Bumper Pull Cons of Bumper Pull
Budget friendlyMay consume lot of times in moving more than one animal
Ideal for small size livestock farmsNot ideal option for large size animals
Easy movement through small spaces (busy market yard)It can stress livestock
Easy maintenanceLimited space
Comes in lightweightLacks stability
Best for short distance transportationNot adisvable for long distance trips
Pros and Cons of Bumper Pull Trailer

Gooseneck livestock trailer

Goosneck livestock trailer comes with much better advancements and functionalities over the bumper pull livestock trailer.The majority of livestock producers have chosen gooseneck stock trailers over bumper pull stock trailers throughout the years. However, employing a gooseneck trailer has certain benefits and drawbacks. Whatever the case, the gooseneck trailer still has an edge over the bumper pull trailer.

Advantages and disadvantages of gooseneck livestock trailer usage

Pros of Gooseneck TrailersCons of Gooseneck Trailers
The gooseneck trailer is the best choice for more than one farm animal at a timeGooseneck trailer can move large livestock in groups, hence consumes a lot of resources.
The trailer is much spacious for two or more animalsIt consumes much fuel and time to transport livestock to a different location.
Due to the space it provides, animals are likely not to go through stress during transportationIt can be more expensive than a simple bumper pull
Gooseneck trailers are much more stable than the bumper pull trailer. It comes with extra wheels.Its high stablity makes it heavy to move on high speed during transportation.
The gooseneck livestock trailer is ideal for long distance transportation.It requires regular maintence making it expensive but worth it when maintained well for efficiency.
Pros and Cons of Gooseneck Livestock Trailers

List of best livestock trailers

Our top selection of mini livestock trailers

Jamco Trailers

Jamco Trailers produces a full variety of horse, cattle, and any other mini livestock trailers. Their double wall, tongue-and-groove structure of Jamco Trailers is extremely unusual among aluminum trailers. While their trailers are more expensive, their solid construction plus precision make Jamco trailers the greatest trailer value.

CM Trailers

CM Trailers has over 25 years of expertise constructing solid steel and all-aluminum trailers. CM Trailers is well trusted to transport your precious horses to the arena, cattle to the stock yard. CM Trailers has been regarded for years as a top brand for safety movement of livestock to any location

Exiss Trailers

Exiss trailer manufactures horse trailers, livestock trailers and low profile trailers. Exiss aluminium trailers comes with standards. Easy features to use and safety assured. Livestock trailers are made to fit industrial needs which adds value to your production. Also, Exiss trailers provides the best mini livestock trailers for hauling small size animals and also takes into consideration livestock farmers on little or tiny budget.

Frontier Trailers

Frontier Trailers offers abouts 11 conventional all-aluminum bumper pull types for cattle and horses transportation. Frontier manufactures slant load and straight load models with numerous basic features that seasoned horse and cattle buyers want, as well as a big settings tab to satisfy a wide range of consumer’s individual demands. These strong, yet lightweight and compact trailers are reasonably priced and designed to the industry’s strictest safety requirements.

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