Best 10 Most Profitable Chickens To Raise - June 2023

Best 10 Most profitable chickens to raise

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated May 5, 2023

Earnings In Poultry are one of the main reasons why many people get into the poultry business knowing the earnings per share formula of any business, but things can get messy if not done right. And if done right, that’s a big earning opportunity for you.

How profitable is chicken farming?

Having the technical know-how knowledge can fetch you free money in the poultry farming business. There is no such thing as free in the real world, but there are ways to uncover how to earn money fast with these tips.

The most profitable chickens to raise

Broilers for example, Cobb 500 broilers reach their maturity stage within seven (7) to eight (8) weeks. Broilers are for meat consumption purposes, and best to raise them when the major market preference is meat.

For huge size chickens to get you high price value, the Brahma chicken is the best option to go for. Brahma chickens grow huge and are very attractive to the eyes. These chickens put on the extra weight and are very easy to attract you at decent prices.

The most profitable chickens to raise are the ones that survive the environmental conditions in your region. Some chickens can be raised in the temperate zone, while others may not survive the winter. If you find yourself in the winter zone, here is how to raise chickens in the winter.

Increase Your Earnings In Poultry
Earnings In Poultry

Best-selling chicken breeds

Below is a table displaying the best-selling chicken breeds in the United States. If you want to distribute chickens in the United States as a way to make money from poultry, kindly consider these chicken breeds.

Chicken BreedPurpose
Rhode Island RedDual purpose (Good for meat and egg production).
Leghorn chickenBest for egg production.
Orpington chickenDual purpose and good for first timers.
SilkieDual purpose.
Sussex chickenDual purpose.
Wyandotte chickenDual purpose.
Plymouth Rock chickenMostly for egg production.
MaransGood breed for eggs.
AustralorpGood for egg production and meat.
Ancona chickenDual purpose breed.

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