Ghana; New Egg Prices In Ghana Alarming 2022

In Ghana, egg prices have finally stabilized to the benefit of farmers. Despite the feeding challenges that farmers faced, egg prices did not add value to the egg-producing business a few months ago.

Egg market in ghana

The Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers – GNAPF, after a thorough review of high prices on poultry major inputs like maize, soybean, and other vital commodities came to a conclusion to increase the egg prices in the egg market to stabilize and sustain poultry egg production in Ghana.

List of New Egg Prices In Ghana

Product/ SizePrice
1. Egg Large SizeGH₵ 30.00
2. Egg Medium SizeGH₵ 28.00
3. Egg Small SizeGH₵ 27.00
4. Pullet EggGH₵ 25.00
new prices per crate in Ghana

The prices above are based on farm gate prices and market selling prices in areas like Kumasi in the Ashanti region and most places in the eastern region. Contact 0591173717 in Kumasi to book eggs.

egg prices

Crate of eggs price in ghana

This is good news for poultry farmers, as it will benefit them in a variety of ways. Most farms collapsed before the end of 2021, resulting in a shortage of eggs in most parts of Ghana. Find below the old prices of crates of eggs sold at farm prices.

Old egg prices in Ghana as of 2021 and early 2022

Product/ SizePrice
1. Egg Large SizeGH₵ 21.00
2. Egg Medium SizeGH₵ 19.00
3. Egg Small SizeGH₵ 18.00
4. Pullet EggGH₵ 15.00
old prices

Wholesale price of eggs in ghana

Wholesale prices of eggs cost around GH₵ 22.00 and GH₵ 23.00 from farm gates. With the exception of the small size eggs which come with the farmer’s price prescriptions.

where to buy eggs in bulk in ghana

  • List of farms to buy eggs in bulk in Ghana
    • KNUST animal science department, Kumasi
    • Genesis Farms, Kumasi
    • Egg Shop, Accra
    • Akate Farms, Kumasi
    • D’egg Gh, Mile 11
    • Eatfresh Ghana, Racecourse LastStop
    • Boris B’s Farms & Veterinary Supplies Ghana Ltd Company, Kumasi
    • Africagro Poultry Warehouse, Kumasi

Trending egg prices in Accra

Unlike most places in Ghana a crate of egg sells at GH₵ 24.00 and GH₵ 25.00, in Accra, an egg crate sells at GH₵ 30.00.

Food prices in ghana 2022

Food prices in Ghana keep increasing day in and day out, and a more reason to take advantage of businesses like eggs supply in Ghana How to start egg supply business in Ghana: 8 Free Ultimate Ideas

What two factors affect variation in egg prices

Cost of feeding and transportation are the two factors affecting variation in prices. Recently, maize a major product in poultry feed formulation gained an increase in price due to maize shortage and the inability to access maize products from the villages.

In addition, the frequent increase in fuel prices had an impact on feed products transported from farms to consumers all over the country.

When will egg prices go down

The new prices are here to stay, just as the new maize prices have wiped out the majority of poultry farms. Furthermore, considering the recent increase in fuel prices, there is little reason to believe that egg prices would drop any time soon.

New Prices For Chicken Meat

From the Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers, a spent layer sold between GH₵ 20.00 – GH₵ 30.00 will now sell at GH₵ 35.00. The broiler chicken price will depend on the farmer. Kindly take note of the new price of poultry products in Ghana.

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